My aunt and her daughter
A message from Nial

This is the next instalment of the story concerning Mary aunty. In this episode, Mary aunty’s cruel sister has also turned up to abuse the enslaved nephew. This story follows on from the previous story. I felt it was a pity that Mary aunty’s sister has more of a cameo role in this story. It would  have been great if she took on more of the action, something which I ‘corrected’ in my version of the story.

My Aunt and her daughter

Part 1

My aunt was sitting on the sofa with me (her footslave) at her feet. She was
wearing beautiful brown leather boots and their soles were in front of my
face. I was licking them as a dog must (I am her dog slave).

She took out her whip and began whipping me with it. This was because i was
unable to answer what she asked me --- she had asked me to tell me the
barcobe of the price of her boots that was sticking under the soles of the

"You don't remember the price of my shoes........They are
superior to will always dream of being equal to them, but
never will be......"

She then called her daughter...."darling, make this shoelicker lick each of
your shoes in your shoerack........make sure his tongue runs dry.........and
when he needs water........well get him to me.......i will give him my
golden shower to drink"

Her daughter could not stop laughing......"Mom......what a wonderful
She kicked my face.....and rubbed her lovely heels on my face.

The sole had dog shit on it...which she had just rubbed on my face....

"What's this darling?"

"Oh mom....its just dogshit i stepped into right now while i was outside. I
thought i will feed this FOOTSLAVE with it"

"Thats great........make sure he eats all of it" Aunt said.

I was licking her boot soles. Not only did i like it but it symbolised my
statuus in their life. I realized that these boot soles are above me and
always will be...
The act of licking the dirt of the boot soles made me so the
dirt was tasting so nice because my goddess, my aunt and her daugter had it
sticking to their soles.....


My Mistress came back from work and i opened the door for her. As soon as i
opened the door my eyes focussed straightaway on her shoes and i noticed
that they were soiled due to the rain outside and that my tongue had a lot
of work to do, ahead.

As was customary, i knelt to her highness and My GODDESS walked straight
over me, dismissing me as a shoewiper, which is used to wipe the dirt from
her shoes.

My aunt must have had a tiring day at work..and so hit the sofa. I got her
water and then proceeded to take of her sandals. As i was removing her
sandals, she said " get some lukewarm water with soap in it   and attend to
my feet.....DOGGIE boy"

I did as i was ordered.....and washed those wonderful feet......and then
dried them. Just as i finished, Aunts beautiful daughter entered the

She stood at some distance and was playing with her sandal, pressing the
heal so that the front was off the ground. She noticed that i was looking at
"Come doggie...lick it.......what are you waithing for?"

I ran to lick it like a dog. While i was licking the sandal she spit the
chewing gum she was chewing from her mouth and asked her mom to step on it.

Both the ladies were laughing and as anticipated the younger lady said " Dog
you mistress has gum sticking to her sandals....what are you supposed to do

"i was scrapping the gum from my mistress lovely sandal sole much to their
amusement" Aunt said "The less you give him, the more inferior he will feel
and the more you will get back"

She was so right. She then asked me to worhip her shoe.

Her daughter could not stop laughing and was very keen to see this.

I knealt to Aunt at her feet and touched my forhead to her sandals. She was
so happy and lifted her sandal and dropped it straight on my head. My head
hit te ground so hard, but she did not seem to care.

Just then her daughter said "Mom...keep him in that postion...i want to take
a few snaps to show your sister, while she is here tommorow........"

"Nice idea are so correct"

I was wondering what was in store for me when this third lady arrives.......


My Mistress' sister arrived that evening. She was Glamour
defined.......Wearing a red skirt and knee high black leather boots, she
looked like a Goddess to whom worms like me were meant to be crushed.

I guess aunt had already told her about me on the telephone and so as soon
as i opened the door for her she said "Pig...what is a useless creature like
you supposed to do when IT sees a superior like me?"

I said "Good evening maam"

She shouted "You f--- slave, kneel before me and lie on the floor so that
i can wipe my boots on your face and walk over you, so that you worthless
peace of shit can be blessed that a Goddess walked over you"

"Yes Goddess, i stammered", and obeyed like a slave must.

Just a few seconds after Rosie aunty arrived on the scene and hugged her
sister. While doing this she had climbed on my chest with her high heeled
boots, planting the heel right on my chest while her sister was standing on
my face.

They were so happy seeing each other that they were least concerned about
me, and rightly so.


Aunt summoned me in her presense and commanded me to sit kneel before Her

I obeyed her, like a dog slave must. She then lifted her sandal sole towards
me and said "doggie boy.....look at those sandal soles....what do you see?"

I was shiverring with fear and stuttered out "Goddess, a small mark of the
filth that i licked clean a few hours back....still sticks to your divine
sandal soles"

Goddess commanded "it was dog shit, i walked on...and i asked you to lick it
all, why does a mark still remain on the sole? Your slave tongue is supposed
to wipe off every speck of filth from my footwear....thats what you live

"I will just lick it off, Your Highness", i uttered

"Now get to work, you shit eating slave", Mistress commanded.

I licked the sole of her sandal like a dog licks the soles of its Master.

After I finished Goddess, stepped on my palm and walked out, traeting me
just like what i am to her - "a worm"

Just when i thought she was going she turned back and asked me to take out
my tongue and lick the ground she just walked on. As i was doing so she put
her 6'' heel on it and i cried in pain.

She laughrd at this, demonstrating am amazing feeling that brought so much
joy to her.

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