Mary aunty’s footslave
A message from Nial

This is a good story of a young man who was enslaved by his aunt and her daughter. Although this is quite rushed and (compared to the stories that I like writing) quite lacking in substance, there was certain elements of it that were interesting and certain parts of dialogue that I enjoyed. This story inspired me  to write a story that was similar. Try and read this yarn and tell me what you think.

Mary Aunty

Mary Aunty had the most beautiful feet i had seen. She had a passion for
high heeled pointed shoes and whenever i saw them i longed to be under them.
One day my wish came true.

Mary was trying to get into a car with some of her female friends and i
deliberately dropped a tennis ball under the car. I lay at her feet
pretending to fetch the ball from under the car..but she knew better and put
her sandals right to my face and lips. My lips touched her divine sandals.
WOW my wish had come true at last.

As all this was happening one of her female companion asked "what is going
on Mary?"

" He is licking my shoe....i think ive found myself a shoelicker and a

Her companion opened the rear door and thrust her sandal right into my face.
Wow i was loving it.

Mary aunty then stepped right onto my face and sat in the car.

"Come over to my house tommorow i have plenty of work for
worthless slave"

As ordered i reached her house the next day. Mary Aunty was sitting on the
sofa with a lovely pair of black sandals. I immedeately dropped at her feet
and began licking her shoes.

"Bless this slave to always serve you like this, goddess"

She put her sandal right on my head and blessed me.

"Thank you goddess. You are so caring to treat a slave like this"

"Go to the room and get all my shoes and lick them clean with your tongue
one by one"

I went inside and got the shoes and started to lick them clean one by one.

While i was licking her sandals clean a foot in high heels landed straight
on my face.
It was Mary aunty's pretty daughter.

"so this is our slave"

"Kiss my feet slave....from today you will be my dog and after serving mom
you will serve me dog.."

she took out her shoe and put some water into it.

"" was the command.

i did what i was told.

It was the best drink i had had.

I love my mistresses and would be their slave forever.


I was a permanent footslave to my two goddesses now.

I was instructed by goddess Mary to sleep on the floor near her bed.
Goddess would step on my face with her slippers and then get on to the bed.

"This would always remind you of your worthless slave. My shoes
are worth much more than your stupid"

"I have some guests coming over tommorow....dont let me down". She then
kicked me away towards her daughter's feet. I spent the rest of the night
licking her beautiful feet.

As the guests arrived Goddess Mary instructed me to lie at the door (face
up). I knew at once i was supposed to serve as a footmat to the lovely
guests. I loved this. One by one the five lovely ladies who arrived cleaned
their sandals on my face. (It was an out of the world experiene).

I was then asked to go to each lady and do for them whatever they
wanted...afterall Mary Aunty was showing them her new footslave.

One of the ladies spit on her shoe and asked me to clean it by licking it. I
did as i was told. All the ladies laughed at this sight until one of them
got up and asked me to remove her shoe using only my mouth. I got on to the
job and strugggled to do it. When i finally did it she kicked me away.

After all this i was made a dance floor by these lovely ladies in their
pointed heels. After it was over my face and hands and legs had swollen.

Dinner was now served....and i was given the leftovers in one of Mary
Aunty's shoes. I really enjoyed having food in it and every bit of the
treatment my goddess had decided for me.

Than you Mary Aunty....i willl always be your loyal footslave.


I was sitting at my goddess's feet...washing them in hot water while she
enjoyed her tea. I was supposed to this everyday and then the water left in
the bowl would be my drink. I absolutely loved my drink as it reminded me of
my place in Mary Aunty's life. I was a totaly devoted footslave to her and
i loved it.

Auntie's daughter came into the room and kicked me in the face. She then
asked me to become her pony and carry her to the toilet. I did as i was
told. She then got down and asked me to open my mouth and then peed right
into my mouth.

"Wow" said Mary aunty.....He has had two drinks from you and
one that he has daily....the holy water of my washed feet.

Later in the evening, she got her boyfriend over to the house and
shouted..."where are piece of shit"

I came running and kissed her shoes as i was required to do both for her and
Mary aunty whenever they came from outside.

Her boyfriend was amazed " really are a queen own a
slave...he is your dog as you often refer to in your talks"

"Oh no dear...he is not that important...dogs need love and care....he is
just an object to me......"
she lifted my face from the tip of her sandal and ordered....." i just
stepped on some dog shit while coming up....lick it clean now....i want to
show it to my boyfriend. Hurry up."

I licked all the sole until it started shining again. Her boyfriend after
seeing this asked me to lick his shoes too. I refused to do so on which she
put her feet on my head and pressesed it against his shoe. "How dare you
refuse to obey the piece of shit....lick it i say"

I did not do it. She kicked my face hard and threatened to complain to my
goddess Mary about it.


That night Mary aunty commended me to come to her. I knew she would be
angry for disobeying her daughter.
"I immediately fell to her feet and began licking her sandals and begged for
She kicked me away and put her sandal on my neck and said "you worthless
slave....i am going to step on your throat and kill you for disobeying my dog....dont you know you are here to obey all the orders we
give you. every breath of yours is owned by me....."

"please forgive me wont happen again"

"Plead to my daughter.....if she forgives you......beg to her dog". She put
her foot on my head and banged it on the ground and then began crushing my
face with her pointed heel.

Her daughter had come back with her boyfriend and i immediately rushed to
his feet and began licking his dirty shoes.
"WOW thats like a dog....thank you aunty...seems that you have taught this
piece of shit a lesson a earlier he refused to do this....." "
"Darling he is all yours now....what are you going to do to him for
disobeying you?"

She began rubbing my face with her sandals and then suddenly spit on the
ground. " worm"
I obeyed.

"forgive me goddess. i will never disobey your command from now on"

"ok i will forgive you dog but you must prove your loyalty "

" Go to the commode and eat some of my shit..."

I did as i was told while the three of them laughed at me when suddenly
Mary aunty pressed my face into the commode and asked her daughter to pour
some of her golden necter on me..."

I was then forgiven and resumed my duties....

I spend the rest of the night worshiping the two goddesses feet and was
really greatful to them for forgiving me....

Thank you goddesses.......

Part 5

Mary aunty was not in a good mood and summoned me to her room. I entered
the room and my queen was sitting on a sofa carefully examining her
beautiful foot. "Come bastard........" ...."Look at my
feet.......are'nt they pretty?"

"I have not seen more beautiful feet in my life goddess......" I utterred.
"And i have not seen a more ugly face than look like a
pig.......even worse than that........."

Yes maam........"There is no comparison between my face and your feet"
She got up and squashed my face under her sandals "Dont even dare to compare
your face with my feet.....there is no comparioson.......your face exists
only to be used as a footmat for my sandals..........." That is where you

Mary Aunty's daughter now came from her room listening to this. "You are so
right mom"......."He is to be kept under our sandals...that is where he
belongs........It is amazing the more you torture him the more submissive he

"That is slave nature...darling......We are queens and he is a that is how he must be treated......."

"Hey slave........i have left some fresh shit for you in the
commode......clean it ......there is no water so i could not flush it
down..........You will eat it........pig."

"Well said darling......He is a pig and that is what they eat......"

"And listen as there is limited water supply today you will drink our piss
which you will collect all day and once that is over you will drink the
water in which you wash our feet every day....."

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