Hello and welcome to the official website of the True Religion - femdomindia.com (formerly known as auntrani.com) and the home of one of the United Kingdom’s top femdom fiction writers. Here you will find stories that focuses on female domination and male submissiveness that often involves hypnosis. Please feel free to browse the site and comment on the stories (at nialvan@yahoo.co.uk).

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An excellent femdom production brought to you by dieforher.com

Well at least the website is now back up and running and we are ready for business! There is no new stories as of yet, (as I am still hard at work on the third part of the Ashwin story) but check out this very cool femdom production brought to you by those lovely people at Dieforher.com featuring Ian Fleming’s greatest creation falling foul of a bevy of beautiful but deadly females!


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We are back!!!

New website, Same old stories!


Nial Van Haydam is proud to announce that he is back! The creator of Aunt Rani’s World and the Canine Chronicles returns (after a lengthy lay off!) to do what he does best - deliver hard femdom erotica to the femdom community! Yes  Auntrani.com may met its demise but the Padma sisters have found a new home ... because out of the ashes of Auntrani.com comes femdomindia.com - the brand new website of the True Religion!





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Saturday 12th February 2011


Fan Fiction


Two cracking new stories written by Crushed1000 that involves a young man suffering under the heels of cruel ladies - and suffering under the wheels of their cars!


Listen with Nial


Mr. Van Haydam talks about the return of his website albeit under a new name, the yet mores delays in producing newer stories and his hopes for the future.

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