Geetha Swapna Padma


Younger sisters to Radha and Rani, Auntie to Lakshmi and Sindhu, Auntie to Jon and Tommy Robinson

Other titles

Great Goddess Geetha, Queen Geetha, Doctor Geetha Padma

Style of address

Her imperial Majesty Queen Geetha, seducer and enslaver of men.

Notable slaves

Edward Kelsey, Clive Morris, Tommy Robinson

Geetha Padma is the youngest of the Padma sisters and perhaps (at least academically) the cleverest of the three women.


Geetha is the heartbeat of the Padma family and the real reason for their wealth, power and status. It was she that had founded their operation of seducing and enslaving wealthy men through hypnosis.


However Geetha was probably the Padma family member that benefited less from the wealth that she was instrumental in acquiring. She doesn’t seem to care much about the money she made. Her main interest is developing her hypnotic techniques to enslave men. Geetha is constantly researching and experimenting with new hypnotic methods.


She is a complete contrast to her sister Rani, who she is extremely close to. Whereas Rani is lavish, Geetha is careful with her money. Whereas Rani is brutal with her male slaves, Geetha only punishes them when it is needed. Whereas Rani acts on impulse, Geetha always plans her operations.


Unlike the rest of her family members (in particular Rani), the root of Geetha’s evilness isn’t based on the usual desire of lust for power and wealth, but from a mindset that treats everything (including morality) as secondary to her scientific research.


To this extent Geetha is always experimenting on her slaves the hypnotic techniques that she had devised. Geetha is also not afraid or ashamed to cross ethical lines in her pursuit for knowledge and to achieve her objectives. Some of her experiments can be cruel as it involved tinkering with the biochemistry of her subjects and conditioning and altering their brain patterns but it didn’t bother Geetha as she believes that any sacrifice is necessary in the name of science.


Although she isn’t as merciless as Rani when it came to harming her slaves, she isn’t in the least bit worried or upset if any of her male subjects failed to survive her cruel experiments. As far as she is concerned, men are like lab rats. Though she could be sadistic like her sisters (and indeed had taken pleasure in hurting her victims on many occasions) Geetha (unlike Rani) wouldn’t destroy a male just for the sake of amusement.  


Geetha’s early life was something of a struggle as she and her sister Rani were forced to be raised by their elder sister Radha.


Radha had been working as a maid to support her younger sisters. It was her dream to give her beloved sisters the best education possible.


While Rani had proved to be a burden on Radha, it was Geetha that seem to fulfil all of Radha’s expectations and dreams.


She was studious at an early age, excelling in most of her subjects. Her teachers had often heaped praise on her and she was always winning awards for her outstanding work in class.


Such is Geetha’s intelligence and commitment to her studies, Radha often wonders why Rani doesn’t show the same attitude to her work as Geetha does.


As Geetha got older she was receiving invites from the best colleges in Southern India. This had caused further problems as Radha struggled to pay Geetha’s education fees.


Over the years Radha had worked at many a rich household and had wealthy contacts. Some of Radha’s rich acquaintances had offered to sponsor Geetha and pay for her education fees on the condition that Geetha works for them. Radha had refused such offers as she suspected (taking her sister’s beauty into account) that these men’s intentions were less than honourable. Radha herself had been the victim of many over amorous employers and had many bad experiences. She was determined that Geetha does not experience the same trauma that she had suffered.


Luckily for Radha, Geetha’s reputation in her school work had come to the attention of the local authorities and she was able to take advantage of a local government scheme that provided a grant for talented students. The grant enabled Geetha to pay for a large part of her expensive education fees. Radha then paid the rest of Geetha’s education fees through her income as a housemaid.


In some ways Radha was thankful that Rani was rather slack in her studies as had Rani had been as half as clever as Geetha, then Radha would have been heavily in debt!


Geetha also began to work part time in the college library to earn some pocket money.


Geetha’s life changed dramatically when she was nineteen, when her sister Rani met and married Harry Robinson a rich English businessman.


With Harry’s money Geetha and Radha were able to pay off all their debts. The money also allowed Geetha to continue her studies.


With her sister’s husband influence and money Geetha was also able to win a scholarship at Warwick University to study psychology. She started her studies at Warwick at the age of twenty-one which was a fairly late stage in her life.


While she was there she proved to be a model student well liked by her fellow students and lecturers. She was a quick learner and was keen to provide her own theories on various topics. Unlike most of her peers, who spent their free time in pubs and clubs, she spent most of her free time in the libraries trying to expand her knowledge.


She had also by this time begun to learn the arts of hypnosis. The university had many students from all over the world and she came into contact with other students that shared an interest in hypnosis.


One of these students then took her to a hypnosis club that was formed by other students. This club is where students can meet up and discuss topics on hypnosis. The club not only had members from Geetha’s university but also had members who were students of other colleges and universities.


It was also at this time that she found out that her room mate was part of the fetish scene in London. She had learned that this girl had enjoyed dominating males. It was the first time that Geetha was introduced to the lifestyle of female domination. Geetha found this a fascinating and life changing experience. Geetha’s roommate then introduced Geetha to another college friend of hers who was a dominatrix.


Geetha then learned that this particular girl rented a ‘dungeon’ in Central London where she entertained her clients. Geetha had occasionally stopped by this ‘dungeon’ to witness some of these sessions. Eventually Geetha too then took part in some of these sessions and worked as an occasional dominatrix.


She found out that the life of a dominatrix pays really well. This however wasn’t the reason why she worked as a dominatrix. The main reason was that she had enjoyed it and it really turned her on.


One day while she was at the university hypnosis club she befriended another student from another college called Samantha. She was a pretty dark haired girl with piercing blue eyes who was a similar age to Geetha.


Like Geetha she too was skilled in hypnosis. She became Geetha’s best friend and the two spent most of their spare times together. Geetha had learned a lot from Samantha and Samantha had also learned a lot from Geetha. She was in most ways Geetha’s equal.


It was only a matter of time when Geetha found out that Samantha had also shared Geetha’s interest in dominating males. The two then discussed the possibility of combining their skill in hypnosis with their love of dominating males. They often talked about enslaving a man through hypnosis.


It was actually Samantha who suggested enslaving wealthy men. It was her idea of hypnotising a man, wiping his memory and then assigning him a new identity that is based on a number, like Slave 21, Slave 16 etc.


These ideas greatly appealed to Geetha. In fact they shaped her into what she eventually became.


There were however other aspects of Samantha’s nature and techniques that didn’t appeal to Geetha. For example Samantha liked to smoke and thought this could be used in her hypnofetish to enslave her victims.


Geetha on the other hand hated smoking. She had smoked a few cigarettes in her time but it was something that she didn’t like. Samantha smokes heavily and freely and she has a fondness for long black shiny cigarette holders.


Samantha also liked to dress up. She liked wearing leather and latex outfits and had a particular fondness for tall high heel leather boots.


Geetha likes dressing up as well, but she was not as keen on fetish clothing as Samantha was. She just like wearing sophisticated clothing, like designer dresses. She doesn’t mind boots either but she much prefers high heeled stiletto shoes.


To some extent Samantha’s penchant for smoking cigarettes and her love of fetish clothing was quite ironic as these were the very things that Rani liked. Rani herself is a heavy smoker and she also loves wearing leather bondage gear, particularly thigh high leather boots with tall heels.


Every time Geetha sees Rani in her fetish gear smoking her cigarette, she is often reminded of her friend Samantha.


Geetha later started conducting experiments with hypnosis. She began using her classmates as guinea pigs to experiment on. At this stage there was nothing sinister in Geetha’s experiments as the guinea pigs in question were all volunteers and had suffered no ill effects.


Soon Geetha became so proficient in her field of expertise that she begun to use her skills to cure her fellow class mates of addictions such as smoking and drug use.


She became so successful that word of her talent begun to spread and soon rich clients begun paying the pretty university student to cure them of their own addictions - and this could be anything from a gambling addiction to a smoking addiction. Such was Geetha’s talent that she never ever failed in any of her sessions and boasts a 100% success rate.


Not surprisingly Geetha was also making a lot of money in the process as well. She was one of the few students that weren’t in any debt. She could afford to live a lavish life with the money that she had earned but it wasn’t in her nature to waste money. Instead she put all her earnings in a bank account.


Geetha eventually graduated with top honours. She then worked as a full time hypnotherapist that specialised in curing addictions. Of course she had many rich clients who paid her handsomely for her services


Soon she was living very comfortably.


It was at this point that Geetha had virtually achieved all of her early ambitions in life - that is with the exception of one. She was now thinking strongly about her life long dream of enslaving a rich tycoon. It was what she and her good friend and mentor Samantha had discussed and dreamt about all those years ago, but she had delayed putting her plans into fruition, despite constantly researching it for a great many years. She was waiting for the right moment. She had always been careful and wanted to be absolutely ready when the time comes.


The idea of enslaving a wealthy man had intrigued Geetha for a long time. It was not that she needed the money as she was already living comfortably within her needs (although enslaving a wealthy millionaire would have set her up for life) it was more of the personal achievement that went with it.


It was only after some years had eclipsed when Geetha had a phone call from her sister Rani that she finally decided to put her plan into operation.


Rani had wanted to use Geetha’s services to alleviate a problem that Rani had been having. However the problem that Rani wanted to eradicate was not an addiction. It was something that was annoying her and it was something that was more close to home.


Rani had always hated her wealthy husband Harry whom she had married for his money. She also hated her husband’s family as they knew her true intentions and had constantly given her grief.


Rani’s husband had recently died in a car crash (an ‘accident’ that Rani had orchestrated by tampering with the brakes). The crash also killed Harry’s brother and his brother’s wife who happened to accompany Harry at the last moment (something which also pleased Rani).


However Harry had left most of his fortune to his nephew Jon. It was Jon’s parents that were killed along with Harry.


Rani wanted Geetha to enslave Jon so that she could regain the fortune that he had inherited (and which she believes is rightfully hers).


Rani and Geetha then hatched a plan where Rani would seduce Jon and tempt him to come and live with her. This was easily done as Jon had always fancied Rani. Rani for her part had always hated him - just like she hated all her husband’s relatives.


Once they had him in the house, Rani and Geetha then conspired with their maid Pavani (a childhood friend of their elder sister Radha), to catch him in a compromising situation. They manipulated events to ensure that he was caught masturbating with one of Rani’s knickers.


Rani then tried to blackmail him. When her attempts to get him to sign away his wealth in her name had failed, Geetha then enslaved him with hypnosis.


Geetha had hoped to use Jon as a permanent house slave. However Rani hated him so much that she insisted that they kill him so that (since Jon was apparently the last surviving member of the Robinson family) Rani can be rid of the family that she had always hated once and for all.


Geetha then reluctantly executed Jon by using a lethal hypnotic technique that she had invented, that caused his mind to stop his heart. Jon then dies of heart failure, but not before Rani and Geetha got him to sign a will that made them both beneficiaries of his estate in the event of his untimely death.


The evil Rani also made sure that this death was a slow and painful one. She had spent most of Jon’s last moments, torturing him mercilessly. Rani also had ordered Pavani to record Jon’s death with a camcorder so that she can relive her moment of pleasure.


The evil Indian ladies then had him cremated to destroy any evidence that pointed to their guilt in his death. Geetha and her sister were then free to inherit the Robinson estate.


Despite wanting Jon to live, Geetha nevertheless gained sexual satisfaction from his death. She and Rani celebrated inheriting his wealth by watching and masturbating over the videotape of Jon’s demise.


The sisters then lived in relative peace until they learned of the existence of a long lost member of the Robinson family. This was Rani’s stepson Tommy, the son of her late husband from a previous relationship.


Geetha was again enlisted by Rani to seduce and enslave the youth. Geetha did just that but she stopped short of Rani’s orders to kill him. Geetha had bowed down to pressure from Rani before and was forced to destroy Jon Robinson, but this time she stood her ground.


The youth became their permanent house slave. Geetha and Rani discovered that the youth also was extremely wealthy - money which they then fleeced.


Geetha next plotted to enslave Fred Jones, a family friend of the Robinsons who had suspected foul play in the death of Jon Robinson, and had been pestering the two evil sisters for many years.


Geetha then trained her former maid Pavani and Pavani’s friend Sombat in the art of hypnosis with the sole purpose of using the two women to enslave Fred.


Part of Pavani and Sombat’s training involved the two ladies abducting young male college students at night and then practising the hypnotic techniques that they had learned from Geetha on their victims, while Geetha looked on and graded theirs skills.


Once Pavani and Sombat became competent in hypnosis, they were then despatched to Fred’s house in order to enslave him.


Pavani and Sombat then posed as maids and once they had gained his trust the two ladies then enslaved him by using hypnosis. Fred then became Pavani’s permanent slave. As a gesture of thanks Pavani allowed Geetha and Rani to take their revenge on Fred and the two sisters mercilessly punished him with whips and canes.


Geetha’s next assignment was on the behalf of her other sister Radha who enlisted Geetha to enslave Rick Holden, the son of one of Radha’s former employers. Rick had sexually abused both Radha and Pavani when they had worked as maids in his father’s house. Radha (and Pavani) both wanted revenge on Rick ever since.


Their plan hinged on Radha’s young daughters Lakshmi and Sindhu seducing and enslaving Rick with hypnosis. Like before Geetha personally trained both girls in the arts of mind control for this mission.


Geetha next enslaved Edward Kelsey, a wealthy young man that suffered from depression. This was probably one of the few times that Geetha was poor in her judgement in selecting a male to enslave, as although the wicked Padma women gained financially from enslaving Edward, he proved to be a weak slave.


It had always been Geetha’s policy that when selecting a male to enslave, the victim in question has to be not only wealthy but also physically fit to cope with the rigors of being their slave. The reason for this rare lapse in judgement from the usually careful Geetha was probably due to a consumption of alcohol. Geetha and Rani along with their nieces had met Edward at a party. Her mind weakened by drink, Geetha was egged on by Rani, to seduce and enslaved Edward.


Once Edward was enslaved Geetha realised her mistake as such was his feebleness that even Geetha, who always stop short of executing her slaves (unless there was a valid reason), ordered him to shape up in a month, or she will release him into the custody of her merciless sister Rani to do whatever she wanted with him.


This of course meant certain death. The thought of dying a slow and painful death at the hands of the beautiful but brutal Rani frightened Edward so much that he managed to toughen up in a month and was allowed to live - for now.


Despite all the wealth and businesses that she had accumulated over years from her unscrupulous profession of enslaving wealthy men, Geetha still spends most of her time in her laboratory, where she conducts her experiments on hypnosis.


Despite being a director and shareholder in most of the firms she had inherited, she has little time for business leaving her business affairs in the capable hands of her family - particularly her business orientated elder sister Radha.