Aunt Rani's world - Part Two: The Wicked Stepmother

By Nialvan

Lonely after the recent death of his mother, wealthy young orphan Tommy Robinson has come to London to look for his surviving relatives. Little does he realise that he is about to fall into deep hypnotic submission to two beautiful but ruthless Indian ladies - his step aunty Geetha and the merciless Rani - his wicked stepmother!

© 2006  Nial Van Haydam

This story is copyrighted material and is the sole property of the author. It is intended for personal use only and may not be reproduced, copied, published, or distributed without the express written consent of the author. All rights reserved.

WARNING:  This story is only for those who are aged 18 and older. It contains themes of sexual situations, female dominance, mind control and extreme torture and violence and as such, is not appropriate for minors and those who are easily offended by stories of this nature. If you are not an adult or are easily offended by extreme female domination stories that involves hypnosis, please stop reading this story. For those who would enjoy a story where a woman uses hypnosis to enslave a man, please proceed!

The following story is a sequel to Aunt Rani's world part 1: Geetha and Rani.

In this story, having disposed of her rich late husband's nephew, who stood in her way of inheriting her late husband's estate, Rani is now faced with another threat - her late husband's long lost son is coming round to stay!

To combat this threat she once again enlists the services of her younger sister Geetha. Using a combination of their alluring beauty and hypnosis, the two beautiful but deceitful Indian ladies, plan to make sure that their victim is given a memorable welcome by his wicked stepmother!

Once again the following story contains mind control, female dominance and torture both physical and mental which some readers might find extreme and distressing. The author is not held accountable for any adverse effects to the reader. You have been warned. This story is completely fiction and should be considered a fantasy.

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The last story had very good positive feedback for which I am very grateful. I do hope you enjoy this one. Thanks for taking the trouble to reading it!

Chapter One: The letter

Geetha let herself in her sister’s mansion. She had been shopping. Life has been good since she and her sister Rani had inherited their late nephew's fortune.

Two years have passed since they ensnared and enslaved him using hypnosis after leading him on with their sexual persuasions. When he fell for their beauty and was unable to resist their hypnotic control, they made him sign a will in their favour. Then using hypnosis and mind control techniques the beautiful but merciless villainesses then caused his demise, leaving them free to inherit his fortune.

She entered the large living room and placed her shopping on the table. She saw her sister sitting on a couch reading a letter. She had a worried look on her face.

'What's the matter honey?' said Geetha concernedly?

Rani looked up from the letter, gave a frustrated look and shrugged.

'Oh come now things can't be that bad' Geetha said cheerfully 'especially now that we are multi-millionairess'

Geetha grinned but her sister still had a concerned look on her face.

'Things are very bad' said Rani uneasily 'Our wealth is once more under threat'

Always the more level headed and self assured than her sister, Geetha was calm.

'What's wrong some kind of stock market crash' asked Geetha with a wry smile.

'Worse' Rani said grumpily 'The bastard son of my late husband has finally located me and wants to visit us'.

Geetha let out a chuckle.

'Is that all' she said smiling. 'In fact I didn't know your husband had a son'

'It was from a previous relationship that ended long after he met me' said Rani 'The brat's name is Tommy. The last my husband saw of him was when he was a baby. He rarely talks about him'.

'Really' said Geetha

'Yeah' replied Rani 'I haven't even seen him and thought I will never see him. I know his mother, or his late mother, runs a freight business. It says here she passed away some six or seven months ago and now that he is an orphan he wants to seek out his relatives'.

'And? ...' said Geetha raising a quizzical eyebrow

'And the only living relative he knows, are from his late cousin's family. His stepmother and step aunty'

'So what's the problem?' asked Geetha

'Oh come now honey, use your head' said her sister in tones that hinted annoyance 'It is obviously he has just heard that his father and his father's immediate relatives have all died. He must have been angry that all the wealth has passed onto us. And now he is coming here so that he can claim his part of the cake'

Geetha begun to laugh.

'You worry too much' she said 'Just leave everything to me dear. We will send him the same way that we send that wretched cousin of his'

'Really' said Rani, her face now lighting up.

'Oh yes' said Geetha with a wicked and sinister grin 'We will send him a letter back, inviting him round. He will be like a fly coming into our web. We are the spiders and when he is trapped into our web, we will devour him. And who knows. Maybe we can even get something out of him. He has inherited a freight business after all'

'How you got a plan?' asked Rani enthusiastically

'Oh yes' said Geetha smiling 'I think the poor boy is missing his mother. He needs a nice bedtime story and his Aunty Geetha will read him one. And I think you can help as well'

'How?' asked Rani

'Well, being a good aunty, I will help bring the stories to life' said Geetha with an evil grin 'and in most fairy stories there is always a wicked stepmother. And you can show him what are real one looks like'

Both sisters begun to laugh evilly.

Chapter Two: Tommy comes to stay

Tommy Robinson is on his way to Pamlico in Central London. He was embarking on a round the world trip after he inherited a fortune from his dead mother.

For a long while, ever since he became orphaned, he had been seeking out any living relatives he had. After searching through documents in his house in Saudi Arabia he came to learn of his late father's wife and her sister.

As a child he had vague memories of his mother telling him that they were bad women, but since he was a young man that only judges a person when he sees them, he took little notice of her warning. And since he was feeling so alone and they were the closest thing to his family, he felt he must seek them out.

He wrote to his stepmother requesting a visit. Since she had never seen him before and had no contact with him, he didn't expect a reply. He was amazed and delighted when he recieved a letter from her. On the letter his stepmother wrote that she has heard of him from her late husband and that she very much liked to meet him. In fact she says she had been trying to find him for the past two years ever since her husband passed away! And not only did she says that he can visit her but she insisted he stayed with her for the week! He found the final part of the letter very strange as it requested him to keep his visit a secret, but he thought nothing off it.

The bus dropped him off the main road and after a few enquiries he found their large house.

The young man, who had only recently turned eighteen the previous week, knocked on the door and waited. The door swung open and a beautiful Indian lady greeted him.  Tommy was gob smacked. He wasn't expecting such a stunning creature. She was very tall, more than six feet tall. She was wearing a stunning black Versace designer dress, which had a large split on the hem which revealed her beautiful long well toned legs. The top of the dress had a plunging neckline which displayed a superb cleavage of her large breasts. Her jet black hair was long and reached her waist. She had large dark eyes, high cheekbones and red painted luscious lips.

Tommy could not believe it. Surely this stunning 'model' can't be his 42 year old stepmother. The beautiful Indian princess smiled at him. Tommy felt uncomfortable and to his shame he developed a hard on. Whoever this woman is, she is probably a relative of Rani's and there he is going all hard.

'Tommy' said the woman with open arms as she leaned forward towards him. The beautiful woman embraced Tommy. Her hands grabbed the back of his head propelling his face forward towards her body. Because she was a foot taller than Tommy, his face became buried into her heaving chest.

He had time to notice that she was wearing a gold chain round her neck which had a crystal pendant that was embedded in her cleavage.

Tommy also could make out her huge moulds rising up and down as she breathed heavily. Her body and her huge breasts in particular were heavily perfumed. Tommy could not help but inhale the musky aroma as it begun to fill his lungs. It made him slightly weak and lightheaded. To his shame his erection begun to stiffen more.

'Hi' he groaned nervously.

'Do you know who I am?' she said as she kissed the top of his head.

'No, I am sorry' he replied shamefully.

The sexy lady then gripped the sides of his face with her claw like hands and tilted his slightly weakening head upwards so he is facing her face. Her large dark eyes seemed to sparkle as they look down on him. Her red painted lips then distorted into a large grin, which displayed her nice white teeth.

'I am your stepmother's sister' she said throatily 'Your step-aunty ...'.

Her long sharp nails then dug into his head as her vice like grip then propelled his face closer to hers. She was still breathing heavily. Tommy could feel her warm breath on his face. He could also smell her perfume a lot more as his head begun to slightly spin.

'I am Geetha' she said breathlessly in sensual tones. 'But you can call me Aunt Geetha'. She leant forward a little ... and then kissed him on the lips! The kiss lasted only a few seconds and as she withdrew, her tongue then briefly popped out and licked his lips for a second.

Tommy couldn't believe what it is that happening to him. For moment he stood speechless. 'You better make yourself at home' said Aunt Geetha.

She led him to the living room. The living room was large and spacious. She helped him put his bags on a small table.

'There must be a big age difference between you and your sister?' said Tommy, finally finding a topic to distract him from his shameful lusting of her beauty and to break the ice with his step aunt.

'Well I suppose so' said Geetha 'Why did you ask?'.

'Well you are so young looking' said Tommy. 'There must have been a 20 year difference at least'.

Geetha let out a slight giggle 'Cheeky! There isn't that much of a difference'

'But I understand that she is forty-two' said Tommy.

'Yes and I am thirty-five' said Geetha.

'You are kidding!' said Tommy in disbelief ‘you look about twenty'.

'Why thank you sweetie' said Geetha pretending to blush.

'I meant what I said' said Tommy feeling slightly relaxed. 'You Geetha, really look very young. To tell you the truth, I would say you are no more than ...'

Tommy was cut off when Geetha suddenly lunged at him and then grabbed his groin with her right hand. Her sharp nails then squeezed his balls through the fabric of his trousers. Tommy was stunned. He was in tremendous pain. He could see that Geetha wasn't smiling no more. In fact her face was a mask of anger.

She looked at him sternly before she finally spoke. 'Listen, I know we come from different backgrounds and cultures but as long as you remain in this house you will respect our traditions and ideologies. Do you understand?'

'Y-Yes' stammered Tommy. He knew he had offended her but he didn't know what he said that upset her so much.

'Don't you ever refer to me by my name' she said angrily, as she tightened her grip on his balls. 'You will refer to me as Aunt Geetha. My culture and beliefs means a lot to me and they preach us to respect our elders'.

'Y-yes' squeaked Tommy as the pain begun to sear through his body.

'Good' said Aunt Geetha as she let go of Tommy's balls. 'I am very particular about these issues and take great offence when people show a total disregard to my beliefs'

Tommy, still stunned by what had just happened let out a sigh of relief as he begun breathing normally.

'I am so sorry if I had offended you' said Tommy 'I didn't know you felt this way. I didn't mean to upset you'.

'That's alright' said Geetha whose angry face begun to cool as a faint smile begun to play on her lips 'Just don't let it happen again'.

Tommy was now very nervous. He cannot believe how a person could change all of a sudden, from being happy to angry and then happy again all in a space of a minute. Geetha's smile also seemed somewhat sinister. He felt it was the sort of smile a snake would make just before it bites you. He didn't understand why he should refer to her as aunty as she isn't really his aunty, but figured it is an Indian custom so he decided to comply with it - at least for her sake.

Chapter Three: Geetha drugs Tommy

'Would you like a drink' asked Geetha.

'Oh yes please' replied Tommy.

Geetha then headed towards the drink cabinet. Tommy then tried to change the subject quickly. 'Well Aunty Geetha. If you look half your age at the thirty-five I bet Rani also looks young and doesn't even look her forty-two years'

Geetha then stopped in her tracks. She turned away from the drinks cabinet to face her nephew. Tommy begun to tremble when he realised that he offended her again as her face once more is a mask of embitterment. She walked towards him at a brisk pace. When she was just in front of him she stopped and stared at his face in anger. Her lips were curled and her eyes were cold. Suddenly she shot out her right hand and slapped him hard in the face.

'What did I told you earlier about respecting my beliefs' she screamed 'No sooner have I lectured you, you now repeated your earlier offence. Are you trying to deliberately insult me?'

'No' replied Tommy in shock. 'What did I do?'

'What do you mean, what did you do?' she shouted as though in disbelief. 'I told you all about our custom of respecting our elders and here you are referring to Rani, by her name.'

'What do you want me to call her, then?' said Tommy shaking with fear.

'You stupid boy' said Geetha 'What do you think. She is your mother'.

'I am so sorry' said Tommy. 'I have already a mother'.

'You had a mother' corrected Geetha.

'I know she has passed on but she will always be my mother. No one can replace her' said Tommy.

'In our customs, the mother is always important to her son' said Geetha 'The son always looks upon his mother as his queen and goddess. A son should always obey his mother. And if that mother has passed on then the nearest female relative must take her place. Your next nearest relative is my sister'.

'I understand you have your customs' said Tommy trying to reason with Geetha 'but we refer to our step parents by their names as they are not really our blood parents. I am sorry, but it is just our way'

'Huh! Just your ways!' Geetha shrugged in anger 'that is the problem with western civilizations. There are no close ties. They are a backward society. That is why they will fail. In our customs, you must always obey your parents. Since both your parents have passed on, Rani is now given that responsibility. As your stepmother she is your nearest female relative that can assume the responsibility of your natural mother. She is your mother's successor and she succeeded her when your natural mother passed on. You must respect and obey her, just like you must respect and obey me. I am your next nearest female relative to Rani. I am Rani's successor'

'I understand' said Tommy 'However I still feel uncomfortable calling her mother. I know you have your beliefs and I will respect your culture by not calling her by her name. But I can't bring myself to call her mother. Maybe you think of another term'.

There was a pause as Geetha starred at Tommy for a second. He was quite nervous. Finally Geetha spoke.

'Very well' she said 'Since you are her responsibility and she owns you, then you can call her mistress instead'

'I can live with that' said Tommy nervously.

'Good' said Geetha calmly as her temper begun to cool. 'I will fetch the drinks'

With that she turned and once again went straight to the drinks cabinet. Tommy felt awkward. He was relieved that he didn't have to call Rani 'mother', but he felt fearful and confused of Geetha's last remark, that of Rani having responsibility of him and that she owns him. What did Geetha means by Rani 'owning' him?

Tommy decided to change the topic again. 'Like I said Aunt Geetha, I bet your sister looks young'. Although he didn't feel comfortable about calling Rani 'mother', he also didn't feel comfortable about calling her 'mistress' either. He hoped that Geetha wasn't offended by him referring to Rani 'as your sister'. He didn't want to upset her again.

'You can judge for yourself' she said cheerfully as she took out two glasses from the drinks cabinet. 'Her portrait is on the wall, above the fireplace'.

Tommy turned to face the fireplace. He was pleased that she didn't appeared to be offended by his reference to Rani. As he looked above the fireplace he saw a large portrait on the wall. Tommy looked at the picture with stunned disbelief. The picture was of an elegant and beautiful Indian lady. She was wearing a red sari. She looked a lot like Geetha. She didn't look at all like a woman in her forties. She looked early thirties at the most. Tommy can't believe this majestic beauty in the large photograph is forty-two. Maybe it is an old photo.

'When was this photo taken' asked Tommy.

'Last March' said Geetha as she begun pouring whiskey into the glasses.

'Last March!' thought Tommy. That was barely four months ago! Both his stepmother and step aunt has kept themselves in good shape.

What Tommy didn't know is that while he had his back to Geetha as he was busy admiring Rani's portrait, Geetha opened a small drawer from the drinks cabinet. In the draw was a small pot of small white tablets. Her long fingers took out a tablet. She gently popped the tablet into one of the glasses that was filled with a shot of whiskey. The whiskey in the glass begun to fizzle. It gave off a slight hissing sound as the tablet begun to dissolve in the liquid, as if it was acid. Geetha starred at the glass and smiled evilly. The tablet dissolved in the liquid in under ten seconds.

She took the two glasses and walked towards the table where Tommy had kept his suitcase and rucksack. She placed the drinks at the side of the small table. The table had two armchairs on either side facing each other. The table also had a small table lamp.

She then took his suitcase and placed it on the floor next to one of the armchairs that was nearest to the fireplace, though she still left his rucksack on the table. She then picked up one of the glasses and sat on the armchair that was facing the armchair that was next to Tommy's suitcase. She sipped a little of the whiskey as she watched Tommy marveling at her sister's portrait.

'Tommy darling' she said in delightful tones 'I know my sister is a very beautiful woman but you don't have to admire her that much. Come over here and have your drink, when it is still nice and cold'.

Tommy felt embarrassed by Aunt Geetha's remark. He turned and sheepishly walked towards the small table and sat opposite her. He picked up his glass and took a sip. Tommy was unaware of the white powdery residue that was floating on top of his glass. Geetha’s eyes begun to gleam at Tommy, as she watched him take a few sips of whiskey.

Geetha then placed her glass on the table and picked up Tommy's rucksack. 'Now let us see what’s in your bag' she said as she unzipped the zipper of his rucksack.

Tommy begun to protest. 'Hey, you shouldn't be doing that!'

'Tommy' said Geetha looking a little cross 'What did I say about respecting your elders?'.

'Yes I know' agreed Tommy 'but still, going through my bag. Isn't it a bit personal?'

'There, you go again with your western ideas' said Geetha 'I told you before that in this house you follow our culture. And in our culture is it acceptable for an elder to look into any items of a minor that includes his personal items. Now I am not going to hear another word of it'.

She opened his bag and took out two big thick hardback novels. She placed them on the table.

'What is this?' she asked

'Books' replied Tommy a little confused with his aunt's questions.

'These are not the books you should be reading. You are not of that age' said Geetha, taking the books and placing them under the table.

'What do you mean?' asked Tommy 'They are only detective thrillers'

'Well you shouldn't be reading them' she said as she took out two small books and placed them on the table 'These are the books you should be reading'.

Tommy looked at the books on the table. 'Snow White and the seven dwarves’ and 'Cinderella'.

'You are joking aren't you!' he said with a small chuckle. He was beginning to feel a bit dizzy. He had already drained half his glass.

'What are you are talking about' said Geetha in tone that indicated annoyance 'I am very serious'.

'But these are kiddie books!' said Tommy

'Exactly' agreed Geetha 'they are precisely the books you need'

'But why?' protested Tommy.

'Well you have obviously been corrupted by western ways. I believe you have lost your way when you were a small boy. The only solution is to take you back to your early days and try to relearn what was missed out'

'Now Aunt Geetha I must protest ...'

'I don't want to hear anymore!' said Geetha cutting off Tommy in mid sentence 'You will do as you are told in this house. These are educational stories'

'But they are fairytales!' he slurred. Tommy felt very weak. The glass was now almost empty. The taste was very bitter but he didn't want to say anything to this aunt to avoid offending her.

'Life is a fairytale' said Geetha. She was smiling, as she noticed that Tommy was looking drowsy.

'But ..' Tommy was about to protest but he was again cut off.

'Tommy!' she said angrily 'I told you, that you will do as you are told. You have to respect your elders and that is me and my sister. It is your duty to obey and respect her and me. Do you understand?'

'Yes I suppose so, but ...' said Tommy before he was cut off again.

'No ifs and buts about it. It’s our law and as long as you are staying in this house, you will respect our customs and traditions. Do you understand?'

'Yes' said Tommy feeling a bit intimidated. He was too weak now to protest as he was feeling lightheaded

Geetha then crossed her legs. The large slit on her designer dress was wide open revealing her well toned and shapely legs. Tommy tried hard to avoid looking at them, as his cock begun to stiffen even more.

'You will obey Rani as she is your stepmother and you will obey me as I am your aunty, do you understand and accept this'

'Yes' said Tommy, his head spinning out of control as the properties of the white tablet that Geetha has placed into his drink begin to take their effect.

'Good' said Geetha.

Chapter Four: Geetha hypnotises Tommy

Geetha then switched on the table lamp as Tommy placed his glass on the table. The glass was now totally empty. Tommy's head was now throbbing. He tried to focus on Aunt Geetha as his vision became slightly blurry.

'I - I think I better go to bed' stammered Tommy. 'I feel a bit funny'.

'It is probably your long journey' said Geetha 'Just stay with me. A nice talk will do you good.

'Maybe another time, its just ..'

Tommy as usual was cut of from finishing his sentence. 'You will stay with me' said Geetha sternly.

'But, b-butt'

'What did I say earlier about obedience to elders' said Geetha angrily.

'I am sorry. I-I'

Before Tommy could finish his last sentence. Geetha then lifted up the crystal pendant that hung from the gold chain that was round her neck. The light from the lamp caught the pendant and made it shine, the glint of the refection also caught Tommy's eyes making him dizzier.

'You will obey me. You must respect our traditions. You must obey.' said Geetha sexily.

'Yes I will obey' droned Tommy 'I will obey'

'Good' said Geetha. She begun flashing the pendant and the light kept shining on Tommy's face, sending him into a trance.

'Do like my pretty pendant?' she asked.

'Yes, very much' replied Tommy weakly.

'Perhaps you liked to get a better look at it' she said.

With that she got off her chair and walked up to Tommy's chair. She knelt slightly gripping the pendant inches away from his face. Tommy not only had a good view of her pendant but also a good view of her cleavage. The heavy aroma of her perfume was also making him more and more woozy. Tommy's eyelids were becoming heavy.

'What’s the matter, darling?' enquired Geetha, pretending to be concerned.

'I .. its .. your perfume. It's making me ...' Tommy didn't have time to finish his sentence as he was interrupted by his aunt again.

'Oh do you like it?' enquired Geetha 'It is quite an expensive perfume. It's has a lovely smell, doesn't it? Maybe you like to smell it a bit more?'.

Before he had time to answer. Geetha lunged forward so that her breasts are close up to Tommy's face. The smell became stronger and Tommy's head was spinning.

'Inhale' commanded Geetha sexily.

Tommy inhaled the peculiar odor. The aroma then entered his brain and begun shutting off most of his senses, making him more and more tired. Geetha then leaned back so he once again had a better view at the pendant.

'Now look at the pendant' said Geetha. 'Isn't it pretty?'

Tommy couldn't answer. He was too busy trying to focus on the shiny pendant. It's light is already blurring his vision.

'Remember what I told you about our customs, it is respectful to obey elders' said Geetha as she stroked the large pendant slightly with her long pink varnished fingernails. 'It is your duty to obey me. You must obey. Obey me. Obey'.

'Yes' said Tommy 'I must obey'.

'You will obey me. Won't you boy?' enquired Geetha.

'Yes' said Tommy 'I will obey you'.

'Good' said Geetha.

Geetha then let go off the pendant and let it dangle across her cleavage. She rested her hands on his thighs.

'My oh my, you look tired' she cooed as her fingers begun to trail up his thighs 'But keep trying to focus on my pendant'

Tommy tried hard to focus on the pendant; in fact the near impossible attempt by his weak eyes to concentrate seemed to drain more of his energy. Geetha's trailing hands have now reached the top of his thighs. Her right hand was now resting on his groin while the long fingernails of her left hand were reaching for his top button.

'Darling you are looking really tired' she cooed 'I think you need to rest'.

With that her right hand gave his balls a slight squeeze, which brought out a groan from Tommy, while the deft action of her left hand unbuttoned his trouser button.

'Now darling, you must listen very carefully as this is soo important' cooed Geetha, as her right hand begun to unzip Tommy's zipper. 'When I click my fingers you will fall fast asleep but you conscious mind will remain ever so alert ready to take my orders. Do you understand, darling?'

'Yes' said Tommy sleepily.

'Good' said Geetha, as her right hand pulled the zipper all the way down.

Geetha then clicked the fingers of her left hand as the fingers of her right hand then tugged roughly at the elastic of Tommy's boxers which was then pulled down. His rock hard cock then sprang out. When he heard the click Tommy's head dropped.

'Now darling' said Geetha. 'You will concentrate on two things … my voice ... and my touch ...'

As she said the last statement her right hand gripped Tommy's stiff cock.

'Now darling' she cooed 'You are so weak. Soo so weak'. She began stroking him. 'You might be slightly aware of the fact, that aunty is stroking her darling nephew. Don't worry my sweetie, this is very normal. Your cock is becoming very hard'

Geetha then let out a slight giggle. She then resumed her torture of Tommy's mind. 'Naughty, naughty. Tommy you are a naughty boy making your auntie’s hand so wet. In our traditions, that is a very naughty thing to do'.

Tommy begun to blush slightly as shame begun seeping through his body.

'Naughty boys are punished, usually with canes on their bottoms. And very filthy and disgusting little boys who are caught masturbating, after discreetly catching glimpses of their auntie's legs and cleavage are particularly severely punished. And do you know what punishment they receive?' enquired Geetha as she continued to masturbate Tommy.

Tommy tried to answer but he was so weak.

Geetha then continued 'I will tell you. The aunty in question is permitted to beat the offending cock with a heavy stick, until it begins to bleed'

Tommy begun to tremble slightly as Geetha begun to giggle

'Don't worry' said Geetha 'I will make an exception for you. You see the more aroused you are the weaker you will become. And aunty likes it when nephew is weak as nephew will easily obey auntie’s commands just like a good nephew should do. With every stroke I make the more you will submit to auntie’s wishes. With every stroke you feel, you will become more and more weaker. The more weaker you are, the more you will obey my orders without question. Do you understand and accept this?'

'Yes aunty' droned Tommy.

'Good' said Geetha 'in our culture, women are highly respected and revered. This especially applies to mature woman like a mother or an aunty. For a young man paying homage to his aunt by devoting his life to servitude to her is not only acceptable but essential and obligatory. A nephew is duty bound to show total submission to his aunt. Do you understand and accept this?'

'Yes Aunty Geetha' droned Tommy.

'And would you obey my orders without question and submit and surrender to me and suffer for my amusement?'

'Yes Aunty Geetha' droned Tommy.

'You will obey, you must obey' chanted Geetha as her stroking begun to gather pace.

'I must obey' parroted Tommy.

'Now darling, you probably begun to realize that your balls are becoming very heavy' said Geetha 'This is your sperm building up. You are so aroused your balls are overfilling with spunk. Soon you will shoot your load. But you are not permitted to do so without my expressed permission. Do you understand and accept this boy?’

'Yes Aunty Geetha' droned Tommy.

'You will obey me, you must obey' chanted Geetha as she increased the speed of her stroking even more.

'I must obey' parroted Tommy.

'You will constantly feel the need to shoot your spunk, but you will restrain from doing so. You will only ejaculate unless I or my sister commands it. Premature ejaculation is an act of disobedience to your aunt which in turn is very offensive and can evoke extreme punishments. Do you understand boy?' said Geetha, her stroking now out of control.

'Yes aunty' groaned Tommy, going steadily weak with Geetha’s cruel stroking.

'Very good' said Geetha as her stroking begun to slow down.

Even though the manipulation of his stiff cock by Geetha's elegant hand is causing him great arousal, her conditioning of his mind ensures that he doesn't shoot his load. The frustration of not being able to relieve himself is causing his balls tremendous pain and weakened him further.

'Now I want you to answer some questions for me' said Geetha as she stroked his cock cautiously 'and you will answer truthfully, do you understand, boy?'

'Yes' murmured Tommy.

Geetha then continued. 'You see my boy your stepmother and I are happy to hear that you are coming to stay with us, not because we want to see our darling nephew and stepson but our expectance of your visit is very sinister. I will tell you more about that later. But first tell me what is the purpose of your visit'

'To see my stepmother' droned Tommy.

'Is there anything else' said Rani.

'No' he replied in monotone

'Hmm, your stepmother, you know is a rich woman. She has inherited your late father's fortune, a fortune that you have been cut off from. You don't happened to have come here sorely to claim part of the money, would you?' enquired Geetha in sensual tones while her stroking again resumed pace.

'No' said Tommy winching at the pain of Geetha's stroking. 'I don't need money. I have already have enough of it'.

'Really!' said Geetha as she increased the pace of her stroking another notch, her eyes lighting up with this new information. 'My o my, you have been keeping things from your aunt, haven't you, you naughty boy? So tell me darling how much is 'enough money', the last I heard, was your late mother was running a freight business'

'That is true' said Tommy weakly 'You see when mother passed away, I didn't know a thing about the business and I didn't want to. So I sold the business for a lot of money'

'What a clever boy you are' whispered Geetha sexily, 'And how much is "a lot of money?'

Geetha stroking is now more frenzied. It was as if her hands were gripped in some sort of mania.

'50 millions pounds' squeaked Tommy as the pain in his cock was becoming unbearable.

'50 million!' said Geetha breathlessly as her stroking again begun to slow down. 'Darling you have done well'

Geetha was surprised by this announcement. This was more money than she and her sexy, but evil sister has fleeced from Tommy's older cousin. Of course she made up her mind that she will fleece this as well. She and Rani can effectively double their wealth overnight!

'So you then decided to visit us' said Geetha as she masturbated her quarry slowly in a methodic fashion

'Yes' droned Tommy 'Though I was reluctant at first'

'And why is that?' whispered Geetha

'It just that my mother had warned me about you and your sister' said Tommy

'Really?' said Geetha beginning to be concerned for the first time. 'What did she say?'

'She said you are both heartless and cruel and are obsessed with money' said Tommy 'But after she died I felt all alone. I needed to find some of my relatives and you were the only ones. At first I didn't want to seek you out as I respect my mother's wishes. But then I thought it was just her opinion and I needed to find out for myself'

Geetha was surprised by this latest twist. Fearing that she is losing control of her nephew and soon to be slave, she begun to quicken the pace of her stroking in an effort to weaken him and to strengthen her hold over him.

'That is vveeery nice darling' said Geetha sensually as she masturbated him harder 'You were right to obey your mother, as you must respect your elders. But remember she is now passed on and your stepmother and I have assumed her responsibilities. Do you understand and accept this?'

'Yes' said Tommy weakly.

Geetha leaned forward so her heavily perfumed cleavage is inches from his face. 'Inhale' she said sexily

Tommy obeyed and inhaled the peculiar scent. As expected the aroma made him more lightheaded.

'As you obeyed your mother when she was alive, you will now obey your aunty and stepmother and offer your complete loyalty and submission to us. Your life revolves around total obedience. You will devote your entire life to servitude to us. You will not question our judgment or instructions to you. You will surrender your body and mind in total abject submission to your stepmother and aunt. Do you understand and accept this?' said Geetha, her stroking now totally frantic.

'Yes Aunty Geetha' squeaked Tommy

'Total submission to your aunt and stepmother is very important and makes you feel so good. Would you devote your life to total submission to your stepmother and aunt and surrender to us and worship us for the rest of your days?

'Yes Aunty Geetha' droned Tommy as his mind begun to melt 'I will devote my whole life to complete submission and servitude to my beautiful stepmother Rani and my beautiful Aunty Geetha. I am more than willing to submit to their wishes without question and be worthy of serving them. I respect and worship them and will do all that I can to please them and I will daily, humbly pay homage to their great beauty'.

'Good. Very good' said Geetha smiling as her stroking begun to once more slow down, as she became satisfied that her nephew is in complete submission to her will.

For Tommy's part he became blissfully aware of what he had just said. He never dreamt of making such statements, such as the pledge he had just made to his aunt. But somehow he knew he was doing the right thing as he begun to respect his aunt. He found her education very rewarding and pleasurable as he begun to embrace her culture. He suddenly realized that all this time he had been lost and by endearing himself to her customs and traditions, a culture that preaches total submission to her and her sister, he had finally found a true meaning to his life.

Chapter Five: Geetha's enslaves Tommy through hypnosis

'Now that we got that out of the way, we shall resume our questioning. So you came here just to see us and were not after our wealth?'

'Yes I came to see you and my stepmother' said Tommy weakly 'I wasn't after your wealth. I got lots of it, more than I need. In fact I was thinking of giving you and my stepmother a part of it'.

Geetha eyes lit up again as a wicked and evil grin played on her lips. This is going to be much easier than she thought it would be.

'That is a very nice thought darling' said Geetha sexily, as her stroking begun to once again pick up speed slightly. 'The fact you want to give us some of your wealth is a sign that you are devoted to us, like any obedient stepson and nephew would be. Very good. Very, very good. But darling the measure of wealth you will give to us will determine your love for us. If you love us with all your heart than you will give us all of it just like a good nephew and stepson would do'.

Tommy was now confused.

'Never mind' giggled Geetha as her stroking returned to her usual slow pace. 'We can work on that later. Now boy, as you were keeping secrets from your aunty about your wealth, aunty too has been keeping secrets from her nephew. You see I am a trained hypnotist and aunty has been hypnotizing nephew and has put him in a trance so that she can condition his mind to submit to her will. You might be thinking that it is cruel of aunty to be doing that, but she is not cruel. Remember, in our culture, it is important for a young man to show total submission to his aunt, so aunty is doing what is necessary. She is educating her nephew in her traditions and culture. Do you understand and accept this boy?'.

'Yes Aunty Geetha' drooled Tommy.

'Good' said Geetha 'Now boy, I going to stop stroking you, but before I do I going to insert in your brain a very powerful trigger. This will be imprinted in your mind forever. You are to listen carefully. Do you understand?'.

'Yes Aunty Geetha' said Tommy in monotone.

'The trigger is this: If ever either Rani or myself were to touch your cock, you will become more aware of your servitude to us and you will weaken dramatically, becoming more and more docile and obedient to us. Our very heavenly touch on your unworthy and worthless penis will strengthen our hold over you and remind you of your total submission to us. Do you understand and accept this boy?'.

'Yes Aunty Geetha' drooled Tommy as his penis begun to recognize his aunt's touch even more and his mind begun melt further as the trigger begun to activate immediately.

'Good' said Geetha breathlessly, as she finally let go of his penis 'Now I am going to click my fingers and when I do you will awaken from your trance. Do you understand boy?'

'Yes Aunty Geetha' drooled Tommy.

Geetha then clicked her precum soaked fingers and Tommy opened his eyes. His vision was blurred as he tried to focus on his surrounding. He then realized Geetha had her colossal breasts in front of him. They were still encased in her black designer dress but the dress was struggling to hold them. This gave Tommy a tantalizing glimpse of her cleavage. The heavy aroma of her perfume was still present and seemed to make him lightheaded again.

'Inhale' commanded Aunt Geetha in breathlessly sensual tones.

Tommy did as his step aunty commanded and Geetha giggled as the potent scent sent his head in a spin.

'Now concentrate and focus on auntie’s cleavage' said Geetha sexily as she rested her hands on his thighs as Tommy’s dizzy mind tried hard to focus on his deceitful auntie's herculean boobs.

Geetha then continued. 'You remember when I told you that your stepmother and I are happy to hear that you are coming to stay with us, but not because we want to see our nephew and stepson but because our expectance of your visit is sinister. Well I will now tell you why. You see when we heard that you were coming we thought that you were after our wealth. We wanted to stop you. I am now glad that your intentions for your visit have been decent. However we also knew that you have inherited money recently. And that is why we were eager for you to come and stay with us.

'I - I don't understand' said Tommy.

'It’s very simple' said Geetha with a giggle 'The fact that we wanted you to come to us is not because we wanted to see you, as you mean nothing to us. It because we have maleficent plans for you. You see we wanted to suppress and enslave you and fleece you of your wealth.'

Tommy was now confused as this turn of events. 'What is going on?' he asked concernedly.

'It is easy’ said Geetha grinning 'Remember what I told you about life being a fairytale? Remember the books I given you, Snow White and Cinderella? Hmm? You are living in a fairytale at the moment'. Just look at Snow White and Cinderella. Who is their greatest enemy?'

'I don't know' said Tommy weakly.

'Their stepmother' said Geetha 'Their wicked stepmother. It is just like you. You too have a wicked stepmother - Rani'

'I don't understand' said Tommy now totally confused.

'It's simple. You have not grown up yet. This is a fairy tale' said Geetha sexily 'and in all fairytales the stepmother's are wicked. Rani is no different. She wants to suppress and conquer you. You are her enemy. It is perfectly natural'

Although now he was totally confused Tommy knew that something was wrong and that somehow he is in grave danger.

'But ... but ... there is a happy ending' said Tommy as he remembered how the fairytales ended and was hoping to use this fact as a means of defense.

Geetha knew he was attempting to fight her. She also knew it was only a feeble attempt. Nevertheless she was going to take precautions. Her elegant claw like hand once more gripped his cock.  Tommy begun to weaken as the powerful trigger she had earlier inserted in his head begun to activate.

'Don't even think of fighting it boy!' she said as she stroked him. 'Your cousin Jon was the same, but we ruthlessly crushed him, just as we ruthlessly crush anyone that stands in our way. This includes you only you were so much easier as you came to us willingly. You cannot stop us and you will submit to us and become our slave. Infact you are even submitting to us now without even realizing it. We are powerful. Such is our power even your cousin knelt before us in total submission as he signed over his wealth to us. You too will beg us to extort you of your wealth. Your wretched cousin even worshipped our beauty as we destroyed him, willingly relinquishing his life for us just so that he can't trouble us no more. You too can suffer a similar fate, if we deem it necessary'.

Tommy sat motionless in his chair as his cruel aunt continued to masturbate him making him weaker and weaker. A tear rolled off his left eye as he begun to realize his fate and the fact that there is nothing he can do to prevent it.

'You right about what you said earlier, of course there is a happy ending ... for her not for you' said Geetha smiling 'It would be boring if all fairytales ended the same, wouldn't it? She is now the standard bearer for all wicked stepmothers. Her victory over you will ensure that wicked stepmothers in fairytales are not always losers. Keeping focusing on my breasts'

Tommy obeyed and grew steadily weaker as his eyeballs begun to suck up the visions of his aunt's beautiful curves. Geetha begun to giggle, as she knew that her young victim is helpless against her greatest weapons - her beauty and her massive breasts.

'Now I want to ask you, one more question and you must obey truthfully' said Geetha as her stroking gather pace again. 'Who else knows you are here?'

'No one' said Tommy weakly 'I was on a round the world trip and I have been traveling for the past four months, when I decided to call here'.

'Excellent!' said Geetha beaming as she continued to stroke her nephew at a rapid pace. She then grinned evilly. 'This means no one knows you are here and you won't be missed'.

Tommy begun to tremble slightly as he didn't like his step aunt's last remark, although his brain was too weak to work out its meaning.

'Now my boy' as Geetha continued her torture 'Remember what I told you earlier about fairytales. Hmm? At the moment you are still in a dream and life is still a fairytale. But fairytales are for boys. You have been learning about the basic facts of life long enough. It is time for you to learn about life in more detail. Yes you must learn about the hardships of life. It is time for you to grow up. You must now become a man. For that you must awaken from this dream.'

'When I click my fingers you will awaken from this dream. Yes it has all been a dream. You have been dreaming for all your life and you must wake up to reality. There is no such person as Tommy Robinson. He doesn't exist. He is just a character in a fairytale that has been defeated by his evil stepmother, which you read about and had just had a dream about. You are Slave 9. You always have been Slave 9. You have always answered to the name of 'Slave’. I am not really your aunt but a powerful goddess who has been reincarnated in the form of your step aunt, just as my sister is also a goddess who in this incarnation is in the form of your stepmother. You are a worthless slave who have been born on earth to serve the heavenly Goddess Rani and the divine Goddess Geetha who have both came down from heaven to rule the earth. Do you understand and accept this slave? enquired Geetha, referring to her young victim for the first time as 'slave'. Her stroking has now reached a frantic pace.

'Yes my goddess' said Tommy, acknowledging Geetha as his 'goddess' for the first time rather that his 'aunt'.

'Good' said Geetha as her stroking once again begun to slow down. 'You will only remember Tommy Robinson when you are asleep. You will constantly have dreams of Tommy Robinson, where he is frequently dominated by his wicked stepmother and his evil aunt, do you understand and accept this slave?

'Yes Goddess Geetha' droned Tommy.

Chapter Six:  The genesis of Slave 9

Geetha then stop masturbating her soon to be former nephew. With the same precum soaked hands she clicked her fingers. Tommy opened his eyes. He tried hard to focus. The surrounding became clearer to him. In front of him was his Goddess Geetha, still stunning in her black designer dress.

'Get up' she sneered.

Tommy rose from his chair. The tall and stunning Indian lady still towered above him.

'Who are you?' she said as she gave him a disdainful look.

'I am Slave 9' was his reply.

'Who am I?' said Geetha.

'My supreme Goddess Geetha' answered her slave.

She paused for a minute as she looked at him with contempt. She then finally spoke. 'Well, slave aren't you going to show me the proper respect'

Slave 9 dropped to the floor and knelt before his goddess in total submission. Geetha then lifted the slit of her skirt to display her well toned legs.  She thrust a stiletto foot forward. Slave 9 lowered his head and began to kiss her high heeled shoes as a sign of his submission. Geetha then ordered him to lick her shoes, which he did, concentrating on her soles and high heels as well as her uppers. She let him clean them for about twenty minutes and soon her salivia coated stilettos begun to shine like mirrors. The glint from the shine also made him lightheaded.

'Rise' she commanded.

Tommy then rose. Geetha's elegant hand then took hold of his cock which was going limp. His cock immediately begun to thicken as Geetha's trademark special trigger begun to activate.

'Slave, you must obey. You will obey' she said as she begun to stroke his thickening cock.

'I will obey' parroted Slave 9.

Goddess Geetha, with her right hand still masturbating her slave, then pointed her left hand at a large television set that had large headphones attached. It was in a large cabinet. Underneath the television set in another compartment was a video player.

'When I stopping wanking you, you will crawl and sit in front of the television' said Geetha as she continued to stroke her slave. 'You will put on the headphones and turn on the television and then the video. You will concentrate hard on the images on the screen and your will listen carefully to the voice on the headphones. The images you will see will be burned into your subconscious mind and the instructions of the voice on the headphones will be burned into your brain forever. Do you understand and accept this slave?' Her stroking has now returned to a frenzied tempo.

'Yes my goddess' squealed Slave 9, bucking to the knees as his cock begun to rack with pain.

'When you finished watching the tape on the video, you will switch of the television and video and then pick up the book that is on top of the video and you will read the story in the book. Do you understand and accept this command slave?' said Geetha as her stroking has now returned to a slower speed.

'Yes my goddess' said Slave 9 weakly.

Chapter Seven:  The Goddess Rani video

To his relief, his goddess let go of his penis and Slave 9 dropped to the floor with a thump. He did as his goddess instructed. He crawled and sat in front the television and put on the headphones. He then turned on the television and then the video.

The picture was first black. Then suddenly patterns began to develop on the screen. The screen begun to flicker with white light as the patterns begun to swirl. It was making Slave 9 dizzy. Then there was a sharp metallic noise that played on the headphones. Slave 9's ears begun to ring as his mind begun to spin as he concentrated on the images in front of him.

Then the images began to go smooth as the noise on the headphones begun to soften. An image of a beautiful Indian lady wearing a bright red sari begun to appear on the screen. He recognised her immediately. It was the same woman in the portrait that was seen by his previous incarnation on earth - his incarnation as Tommy Robinson, a young man that only now existed in his dreams. The image was that of his beautiful goddess Rani.

A sexy female voice begun to echo from his headphones and into his ear and around his brain.

'Slave. You must obey. You must obey me. You will obey me'.

At first he didn't recognize the voice. It sounded a bit like his Goddess Geetha but it wasn't. But he soon found out who it belong to.

'I am your Goddess Rani. You will obey me' said the voice.

At last he knew it was the beautiful goddess he had not yet met. He wanted so badly to meet her despite the fact he knew she meant him harm.

The picture suddenly changed. This time it showed Goddess Rani wearing a black designer dress similar to the one worn by her sister and like her sister she looked stunning.

More commands from the voice of Goddess Rani begun to echo through the headphone and became imprinted into Slave 9's brain.

'You will obey me and you will obey my sister and you will offer your complete loyalty and submission to us'.

'Your life revolves around total obedience to us and you will devote your entire life to servitude to us and you will not question our judgment or instructions to you'

'Do you understand and accept this slave?'

'You will surrender your body and mind in complete submission to us.'

'Total submission to the great Goddess Rani and the supreme Goddess Geetha is very important and makes you feel so good and you will surrender your life to bondage to the great goddesses and worship them for the rest of your days'

'Do you understand and accept this slave?'

'You will be more than willing to submit to our wishes without question and be worthy of serving and worshipping us and will do all that you can to please us.'

'Do you understand and accept this slave?'

'You must obey. You will obey'

'Do you understand and accept this slave?'

'Do you understand and accept this slave?'

'You must obey. You will obey'

'Do you understand and accept this slave?'

The commands were seemed to be endless, but all of them begun to imprint on slave 9's mind and he begun to accept them as his creed.

As the words of Goddess Rani begun to echo around slave 9's brain, the television screen became a picture slideshow flashing different images of Goddess Rani. There was an image of her in a green sari and then in a pretty dress, and then in a designer salwar kameez and so on.

The images begun to flash on the monitor slowly at first but then begun to flash at a rapid speed. He tried hard to concentrate on the images as they flash before his eyes. They were making him dizzy.

He saw Goddess Rani in many different saris in many different colors. There were images of her wearing a jeans and t-shirts. There were images of her wearing expensive sexy designer dresses as well as many different beautiful traditional Indian dresses. There were also one or two nude images of her that flashed before him although he found it hard to concentrate on them.

On each picture Goddess Rani was simply stunning. This combined with her sensuous and throaty voice issuing commands had his cock standing to attention.

Then suddenly the images stopped flashing. There was one image that remained static on the screen. It was the very last image. It was Goddess Rani in bondage gear. She was wearing thigh high leather boots and a black leather basque which struggling to hold her gargantuan breasts. She had her hands on her hips and had a disdainful look on her face.

The commands echoing from the headphones, suddenly became one command that was repeated over and over again:

'You must obey. You will obey. You will obey me'

After about a minute the command that was being chanted over and over again begun to lower in volume as the image begun to blur and then fade away. Soon the screen went black and the headphones were silent.

Chapter eight:  The strange fairytale

Slave 9 then found himself taking off the headphones and switching off the video and television as if he was preprogrammed to do so. He then reached at the top of the video and took out a small book.

He read the title of the book. 'The subjugation and enslavement of Tommy Robinson by his wicked stepmother'

He began reading in his mind. It told the story of a young rich heir that went to seek out his rich stepmother. It told of the young man being enchanted by her beauty and falling madly in love with her. It told how she and her sister seduced and manipulated him and used their voluptuous figures to tease him into total submission to their will. It ends with the young man who is now totally addicted and enslaved to his wicked stepmother's alluring beauty willingly signing away his wealth to her and her evil sister. The book was also crammed with photos of Goddess Rani and a few photos of Goddess Geetha.

As he read the story, Slave 9 was very aroused with this erotic tale. His cock became fully erect.

Geetha was lying on her couch watching her new slave reading the book she prepared. She was smiling as she picked up the phone to call her sister. In fact she had been trying to get hold of her for sometime while Slave 9 was watching the video she and her sister had prepared, but her sister was not answering. Finally Geetha through to her.

'Hello Rani dear' said Geetha.

'Hello, sweetheart' said Rani's voice.

'And where the hell have you been? I have been trying to get hold of you for sometime'

'Sorry honey the meeting took longer than expected. What happened? Did he arrived'.

'Oh yes' beamed Geetha 'The fish has been hooked'

'Excellent!' said a delighted Rani.

'You were wrong though, he weren't after our wealth' said Geetha. 'He just wanted to seek out his only living relatives. In fact he even wanted to give us some of his wealth as he had so much of it'.

'Really!' said Rani bewildered 'What is he worth?'

'Well he sold the company his mother owned' said Geetha 'He now has £50 million in his Swiss bank accounts'

'You are kidding me!' said Rani in amazement.

'I bet you are now glad that he decided to pay us a visit after all' giggled Geetha. 'I will make arrangements to get the necessary paperwork that he needs to sign to surrender his wealth over to our name. It should be ready by the time you return. I will get him to sign them in your presence. This will ensure his total submission to you'.

'Great!' said Rani.

'That's not all, the best bit is yet to come' said Geetha 'No one knows he is here. He was on a round the world trip when he came knocking on our door. So he won't be missed'.

'Excellent!' said a delighted Rani. 'That means we can dispose of him the minute he signs away his wealth'

'Oh come now dear sister' said Geetha 'Honestly, that is all you think about. I thought after you got rid of the other drip, your sadistic pleasure would have been contained'

'What do you supposed to do with him, then?' said Rani in frustration.

Geetha then noticed that her slave had finished reading his book. She clicked her fingers and pointed to her legs. Slave 9 crawled over to his goddess.

'Well he is a big strong lad' said Geetha as he reached down and took off her panties as Slave 9 knelt at the foot of her couch. 'And we need another servant. And here we can have one for free. Why not make him our slave until we tire of him. Besides, Pavani is always complaining that she needed help in her chores and he would make an ideal dogsbody for her'.

'Oh come now dear' said Rani 'You know I hated that bastard of a husband of mine and you know how much I loathe all of his repulsive relatives'.

Geetha then wrapped her powerful, shapely legs around Slave 9's neck. She then thrust her crotch towards his face. Slave 9 could see her well trimmed sex for the first time.

Geetha then covered the mouthpiece of her phone and issued him with a command: 'Lick!'

Slave 9 then buried his face into his goddess's heavenly crouch and begun to lick frantically at his goddess’s clitoris. Getha let out a slight moan as tingle of arousement begun to slowly seep throughout her body. She then uncovered the mouthpiece to continue her conversation with her sister.

'Well come now dear' reassured Geetha her eyes slightly dreamy. 'You can always take your frustration out on him. He is much stronger than his cousin, so is durable to punishment. You can torture him to your heart’s content. What better way to take revenge on that bastard you married by making his son suffer.'

'Oh do as you please!' said Rani in annoyance

'Thank you dear. I knew you would understand' said Geetha as she let out a slight pant as her vagina started to tingle in pleasure. 'But listen dear, when I conditioned this wimp I have inserted in him some triggers. When I next see you, you must listen to what I have to say very carefully, as these triggers are so important. I would tell you all about it when you arrive. In the meantime I shall see you later.'

Geetha again covered the mouthpiece as she begun to pant and moan with pleasure.

'I shall see you on Monday' said Rani 'Bye'.

She hung up the phone and gripped Slave 9's head tightly and begun to moan wildly as she is in the throes of a violent orgasm.

Soon Geetha gave an unearthly howl that seemed to shake the house. Her love juices then splattered all over her slave's face. Her tense body begun to relax as she loosened her grip on her slave's head. She ordered him to stop licking as she gave out a final and satisfied sigh.

Chapter nine: The nightmares of a wicked stepmother

For the next couple of days Geetha made Slave 9 do all kinds of things round the house. He was not permitted to wear any clothes and was totally naked in her presence. She often masturbated him to activate the trigger she inserted in him to ensure that he remain in her control, though she probably needn't have bothered as his will has totally snapped as he has already placed himself in total submission to her and her sister's wishes. Although she wanked him regularly she never allowed him to cum, much to his frustration.

She often ordered him using hypnosis to have a nap. He would sleep for about half an hour and have a nightmare.

In his nightmare he dreamt that he was a rich young man, Tommy Robinson, just like the boy in the fairytale.  He went to see his wicked stepmother. He met
her and her sister and fell in love with the beautiful but evil Indian ladies. He dreamt how they both seduced him and used their statuesque bodies to tease him into total submission to their control. He dreamt how they, like cruel sirens, encouraged him to be their abject slave and how he, unable to resist their alluring beauty no longer, agreed to surrender himself to their enslavement of him and devote his life to their servitude.

The nightmare closes with him kneeling before his beautiful and wicked stepmother, willingly signing away his wealth to her and her evil sister as he is now totally addicted and enslaved to their enchanting beauty.

The dream ends with him, having signed away his wealth, helplessly groveling before his wicked stepmother and aunty while they laugh evilly at him, clearly enjoying his decline as they subjugate him.

Slave 9 would then wake up. It was the same nightmare that he always has, whenever Goddess Geetha makes him take a nap. The funny thing is that in each dream, although the same scenario is acted out, the wicked stepmother would be dressed differently, just like the outfits Goddess Rani wore in the video he saw. The stepmother would wear a different sari and designer dresses. But more than once she was dressed in the leather bondage gear that Goddess Rani wore in the last photo on the video that Slave 9 saw.

After the dream ended Slave 9 would often wake up in a cold sweat, with his cock twitching. He wanted to masturbate but such is Goddess Geetha's conditioning he is unable to. This has caused him nothing but frustration and weakened him further and sometimes even made him ill. The fact that Goddess Geetha make him take up to around six or seven naps a day, doesn't help his cause either.

Chapter Ten: Enter Goddess Rani

One evening, Slave 9 was busy cleaning the living room. It was a Monday evening. It has been five days since he took the oath to surrender and enslave himself to Goddess Geetha and Goddess Rani. During which time he took over thirty naps and was troubled by the same nightmare. His cock was always rock hard after each one them. His balls have becoming heavy with sperm and he had not ejaculated for almost a week. He is now very weak and in extreme need.

Goddess Geetha was lying on a couch reading a magazine. She was dressed in a skin tight blue, designer jeans. She was wearing a pink belly top that tightly covered her massive tits. Her outfit was complete with high heeled silver sandals. Her long jet black hair was hung loose and was shimmery. She looked incredibly sexy.

The door bell then rang and Goddess Geetha then got up to answer it.

Slave 9 could hear excited chatter coming from behind the living room door. He recognised Geetha's voice and also recognised the voice of her guest. It was voice he heard on the video. It was Goddess Rani's voice. His cock begun to slightly thicken as he waited in anticipation. He was finally going to see this intriguing, beautiful divinity in the flesh!

The door then opened.  Geetha walked partially in. She then turned around behind her to face her guest who still hasn't come in. 'Get ready dear' she said to her unseen companion. 'And remember my instructions'.

Slave 9 heard footsteps leading up the staircase as Geetha closed the door behind her. Geetha was brandishing several documents. She placed the documents on the table in front of him. Slave 9 recognised the documents. It was the unsigned documents that transferred all the wealth of a young man named Tommy Robinson (the man in his nightmares) to Goddess Geetha and Goddess Rani. He should know as under Goddess Geetha's control, he helped give details of Tommy's Swiss bank accounts and Goddess Geetha's lawyers then drew up the necessary documents. Goddess Geetha's legal team were none other than her own two nieces, the daughters of Goddess Geetha's and Goddess Rani's older sister Radha.

'Slave, stop what you are doing and prepare yourself' said Geetha 'you are about to take part in a very important religious ritual. Your Goddess Rani is here and this ritual is very sacred to her. It is your initiation ceremony into servitude to her. In this ceremony you will offer yourself into complete submission to her will. Do you understand and accept this slave?

'Yes Goddess Geetha' said Slave 9 trembling with fear and excitement at the prospect of meeting the divine and regal lady that fascinated him.

'Good' said Geetha 'Get on your knees and prepare for her coming!'

Slave 9 then dropped to floor and knelt down and waited impatiently for the beautiful goddess who has come to conquer and enslave him.

After about ten minutes of kneeling in anticipation, Slave 9 heard heavy footsteps approaching the living room door. The footsteps stopped and the door swung open. A tall figure walked in and faced his kneeling form.

Slave 9, with his heart thumping and his head bowed, became engulfed in the tall shadow of the figure facing him. Slave 9, slowly and fearfully raised his head until he saw the celestial deity that towered above him. He recognised her immediately. It was Goddess Rani.

She was wearing black leather thigh high boots and a black leather basque with a plunging neckline that displayed her cleavage. Her black raven hair that matched her leather outfit hung loosing behind her. Her lips were painted heavily in a scarlet color. She was looking down on his kneeling form, hands on hips with a disdainful look on her face. She looked both magnificent and imposing.

'Do you know who this is slave?' said Goddess Geetha.

'Yes' said Slave 9 in awe of his first meeting with his heavenly goddess. 'It is my Goddess Rani'

'Well slave then show her the proper respect' said Goddess Geetha.

Slave 9 then crawled on his belly over to the beautiful and Junoesque goddess. When he reached her he knelt before her and begun kissing her boots in total submission. Rani, hands on hips, looked down scornfully and watched the wretched creature who she thought has dared challenged her. Despite the fact that it was later proved that his visit was with good intentions, her hatred for her former stepson hasn't decreased.

After what seemed like around ten minutes, Rani grew tired of his worship. 'Enough!' she barked. Slave 9 stopped kissing his goddess's boots.

'Lick them clean!' commanded Rani pointing at her boots. Slave 9 did what his goddess commanded licking up and down the tall boots to remove any stains and small creases and then licking off all the filth from the dirty soles. Finally he started sucking on the heels to ensure that they too remain in pristine condition.

When he had finished his cleaning chores, Goddess Rani then inspected her boots. She was content enough to find that they were in an immaculate state.

She then raised her right boot and rested it on his shoulder. 'Who are you?' she asked sternly.

'I am Slave 9, your humble slave' replied her slave.

She then raised her right boot and kicked Slave 9 squarely on the face and sent him tumbling backwards. He landed on his back. She walked up to his fallen form and stamped her right boot hard onto his chest. Slave 9 groaned in pain.

'Who am I?' said Goddess Rani sternly as she pressed down hard on his chest causing her young victim great pain and discomfort.

'M-My supreme Goddess Rani' he said weakly.

She then raised her boot and thrushed the sole onto his face. Slave 9 then began licking her soles.

Chapter Eleven: The final nightmare begins

After about ten minutes of licking, Goddess Rani grew bored. 'Get up!' she said.

Slave 9 rose and stood before his goddess with his head bowed. Goddess Rani then looked down at his limp cock. She looked over his shoulder at Goddess Geetha. Goddess Geetha nodded and her sexy elder sister gave a sinister smile. She walked up to Slave 9 and took hold of his cock. The cock immediately became erect as the trigger once more begun to activate.

'Slave, you are soo tired and sooo sleepy' she cooed as she stroked him, weakening her prey. 'When I click my fingers, I want you close your eyes and fall asleep, but you must remain standing. Your body might be asleep but your mind is still awake to take my commands. Do you understand and accept this slave? questioned Goddess Rani.

'Yes my goddess' droned Slave 9.

'Good' said Goddess Rani. She clicked the fingers of her left hand while her right hand still masturbated her wretched slave. Slave 9's head then completely dropped.

'Now slave you are asleep and you are dreaming' said Rani as her stroking slightly picked up pace. 'It is the same dream you have been having for a while. The dream that torment you in your sleep, but is more than a dream ...'.  

She leant forward until her face was next to his face. ' is a NIGHTMARE!' she whispered breathlessly into his ear.

She begun to stroke his cock more frantically, weakening him more further.

'When I click my fingers again you will awaken again' said Goddess Rani 'But you will awaken in your dream instead of reality. You are in fact still asleep but you are unaware it. As soon as you hear the click you will awaken in your dream. Do you understand and accept this slave? barked Goddess Rani as she increased the pace of her stroking and turning Slave 9's muscles into mush in the process.

'Yes my goddess' droned Slave 9.

Goddess Rani then stop masturbating her slave. She clicked the same precum soaked fingers and Slave 9 opened his eyes. Something was different. His vision was blurry and dull as though he was in a dream. The room looked different.

He saw Rani and Geetha and was amazed to see that they both looked different. They are both now wearing sari's. Geetha was wearing a red one while her sister wore a lime green one. Rani's hair was tied in a bun while Geetha's hair was still loose although it appeared to be combed back. Both looked beautiful.

'Who are you?' sneered Rani

'I am Tommy Robinson' said Tommy 'A rich young man'

'Do you know who I am?' said Rani

'You are my wicked stepmother Rani and my nemesis' said Tommy

'And my companion?' said Rani pointing to her sister

'Your evil sister Geetha, your co-conspirator in your sinister schemes to enslave me' said Tommy

'What is your relationship to us, other than stepson and step nephew?' she asked

'I am your enemy' said Tommy 'The young man you plan to oppress and subdue'

'And are we your enemies?' enquired Rani.

'No, never' said Tommy. 'You are both evil and meant me harm but I could never see you or your sister as my enemies'

'And why is that?' enquired his wicked stepmother 'if we are evil and meant you harm, why don't you see us as your enemies?'

'Because I am totally addicted to you and your sister's beauty and entrancing figures', said Tommy 'You have both cruelly used your beauty and sexy buxom bodies to tease me into total and complete submission to your will'.

'Really?' said Rani taking hold of his stiffening penis, which went rock hard at her touch.

'Yes' said Tommy weakly 'And when you and your sister knew I was helpless and unable to resist your alluring beauty you both then subjugated me into being your slave. I am now in you and your sister's complete power and have devoted my life to your servitude.

'Excellent!' said Rani grinning 'I now offer you your freedom. Are you prepared to take it?'

'No' said Tommy 'I must decline'

'And why is that?' said Rani, stroking her victim.

'Because to be free of you and your sister would mean to deny myself of your beauty of which I am totally addicted to and can't live without. You and Aunty Geetha are a drug that has poisoned my mind and body. I crave to serve and suffer for you both' he said weakly as both Rani and Geetha begun smiling at his declaration of submission to them. 'I need to worship you both and denying me you and your sister's presence, would be like denying me air. I live to serve you. I understand now that my condition is irreversible. The beauty of you and your sister is a powerful drug of which no doctor can cure, and therefore I am willing to devote my life into complete submission to your beauty and grace'

Chapter Twelve: Tommy begs for enslavement

Rani then let go of his penis. Both sisters’s looked at each other with big grins. Geetha then nodded at her sister and both lifted up their hems of their saris. Both were wearing gold high heeled sandals.

'If you are willing to submit to us then you need to show it' said Rani. 'Kneel and kiss our sandals and beg to serve us'.

Tommy fell to his knees and begun to kiss his stepmother's sandals, pride seeping through his body as he delivered each kiss.

While he was kissing her footwear he began to plead for her control.

'Oh beautiful Rani. I know you are my wicked stepmother who detest me and plotted to suppress me and that you are totally responsible for the abject condition that I now find myself in, but I have succumbed to your alluring beauty. Even though it is a fate that you have planned for me, there is nothing I can do as I am helpless against it as I am totally addicted to you. I wish to serve and worship you. Please have pity on me and allow me to devote my life into complete submission to you.'

Rani looked down at her groveling stepson and grinned. She looked at Geetha who was also smiling in contentment.

'What do you think?' Rani asked her sister.

'I don't think it was humble enough' was her reply.

'Your begging is both pathetic and insulting' said Rani 'but since I am in an uncharacteristic compassionate mood I will show you clemency. I will allow you to be my slave. Now start on my sister's sandals and you better show more enthusiasm'.

Tommy was relieved that his evil stepmother has accepted him as her slave. 'Thank you' he said as he gave her sandals a final lingering kiss, before moving onto her sister's footwear.

Tommy was now kissing his step auntie’s sandals with much more vigor than he was kissing his stepmother's footwear. Like before pride was seeping through his body as he delivered each kiss and as before he begun to plead with his aunt at the same time.

'Oh beautiful Aunty Geetha. I know you are my wicked stepmother's accomplice in her evil schemes to enslave me and that you played the main part in my downfall and that you are wholly to blame for putting me on my road to ruin but I willingly submit to your devious plans knowing it would mean my descend to my oblivion as I am totally addicted to your beauty. I wish only to serve and obey you. You have triumphed in your quest to subjugate me and I now offer myself in bondage to you. Even though I am not worthy of serving you, please be merciful to me and allow me to be your abject slave'

Both sisters were still haughtily looking down on their former stepson and nephew as he meekly surrendered himself to them. Both were smiling. Geetha was even giggling.

'Not much of an improvement' said Geetha to her sister.

'It was almost as if he didn't find us attractive enough' her sister responded.

'Well what you expect from something so pitiable’ Geetha reasoned.

They both began to laugh as their slave begun to shower his former aunt's shoes with more kisses.

'Even though your begging is still unconvincing’ said Geetha 'I will accept your offer of your bondage and will allow you to be my slave. Now get up!'

'Thank you' he said as he gave Geetha's sandals a final lingering kiss, relieved that his cruel aunty, like her spiteful sister, has accepted him as her slave. He then rose.

Chapter Thirteen:  Tommy signs away his wealth

Rani then pointed to the table. There was a pile of white documents and a single green document placed next to it.

'Do you know what these papers are' said Rani disdainfully as she pointed to the white sheets of paper.

'Yes' said Tommy 'They are documents that transfer my wealth into yours and Aunty Geetha's bank accounts. All it needs is my signature and my wealth is all yours'.

'And are you willing to sign it?' said Rani

'With pleasure' replied Tommy

Both Geetha and Rani begun to grin again. He was far too easy. He didn't even need much persuasion to submit to his fate.

'You don't have to sign it' Rani suddenly announced 'we have decided that you can keep your wealth if you want to'.

'But please I want to sign it' begged Tommy

'Why?' asked Rani.

'Because only by surrendering my wealth to you, I would be in complete and total submission to you and your sister, as I would be left with nothing' replied Tommy. 'If you obtain my wealth it will make you more powerful and will reduced my inferior status further'

'And you are more than willing to do that?' asked Rani.

'With all my heart' he replied 'It is my sacrifice to the regal and stately ladies whom I worship'.

'And it is an honour that you must be worthy off!' said Rani sternly 'Prove it! Beg us to accept your wealth'.

Tommy once again knelt before the towering form of the elegant and statuesque Indian ladies.

He then bowed his head and began to plead to them to embezzle him of his wealth.

'Oh Rani, my beautiful and wicked stepmother and Geetha my sexy and evil aunty. I know you both cruelly plotted to use your sexy figures to arouse me into enslavement. I know you have schemed to use your alluring beauty to fleece me of my wealth and you are both responsible for the humiliating position that I now find myself in, one where I have to beg for the privilege of being swindled out of my fortune by two beautiful and sexy ladies. But the cruel fate that you planned for me is one that I accept wholeheartily. Please allow me to sign these documents so that you both can accept my gift of my wealth. I so badly want to serve you and I know that the true path of devoting my life to servitude to you both is one of total submission. Please allow one as desolate as myself to sign away my wealth to my beloved stepmother and my beautiful aunt as a homage to their great beauty and so that I can finally have the honour of being in total submission to the stately ladies whom I worship.

Rani and Geetha were laughing at their slave's sorry plight. It was as if he couldn't sink any lower.

'Once again, another round of feeble groveling' said Rani in disappointment

'Which can't be helped as he is so pathetic' smiled Geetha. She turned to her slave. 'We accept your unworthy and feeble tribute. Sign away'.

Tommy then begun to sign away each document, feeling more aroused every time he delivered his signature.

When he had finished he gave the documents to his stepmother and aunt. Both Indian beauties begun to take turns, to examine each document with contented grins. Tommy felt proud that he is now on the road to complete submission to the beautiful Indian queens that he held in great reverence.

Rani then placed the documents on the table.

Chapter Fourteen:  Tommy signs away his freedom

'Now pick up the green document' said Rani.

Her stepson and slave obeyed.

'Read it!' Geetha instructed.

Tommy begun to read the contents of the document:

Terms of enslavement.

I, Thomas Richard Robinson hereby renounce my freedom and submit myself to bondage to my stepmother, Ms. Rani Padma and to my step aunty Ms. Geetha Padma. I will devote my entire life to servitude to them and have agreed to become their slave. I will not question their judgments or their instructions. I am now their property to do as they wish. I will surrender my body and mind in total abject submission to my new owners.

In signing this document I will renounce my name and former identity of Thomas Richard Robinson. I will hence now be known (and begin my new life) as Slave 9 and acknowledge the fact that Thomas Richard Robinson never existed.

In signing this document I cease to acknowledge Ms. Rani Padma as my stepmother and Ms. Geetha Padma as my step aunty. I will now know and refer to them as Goddess Rani and Goddess Geetha respectively.

I will place myself in complete submission to their wishes and I will worship them daily. I will also respectably pay homage and tribute to their great beauty.

As my goddesses they have complete control over me and could do with me as they please, this includes the right to humiliate and degrade me at their leisure.

I am to obey their commands readily, and be prepared to take any punishment they choose to mete out on me no matter how severe. This includes physical and mental torture that may result in injury or even death.

I understand that once this document is signed that it is binding and the terms and conditions that are contained herein are irreversible'

Tommy looked up at the tall elegant sisters. The sisters were now not smiling. Both had a serious and disdainful look on their faces.

'Something we produced ourselves' said Geetha. 'Do you understand fully about the conditions of this contract?'

'Yes Goddess Geetha' replied her slave.

'Oh don't call her goddess, just yet' corrected Rani. 'She is still your aunt. She will be only be referred to as Goddess Geetha, the moment you delivered that signature on the document you are now holding.'

'Do you now know what the extent of your quest for total submission to us entails?' asked Geetha.

'Yes, Aunty Geetha' replied Tommy

'And you are fully aware of the consequences of signing this document?' asked Rani.

'Oh yes, my divine stepmother' replied Tommy

'And do you accept everything that is written within?' asked Geetha

'Yes, Aunty Geetha' replied Tommy

'And you are willing to sign this document?' asked Rani.

'Oh yes Rani, my heavenly stepmother' replied Tommy

The two Junoesque women then looked at each other. They then looked at Tommy.

'Now boy' said Rani with a sigh. 'You realise now that this the ultimate mark of enslavement. This is the final stage in the quest to be in total submission to us. After this there is no going back. We have everything of you that includes your pride, your dignity and your wealth. However we are going to give you one final chance of escape. We are willing to let you go. You don't have to sign this. You will be left with nothing but at least you have your freedom and possibly your life. What do you say?'

'I understand what you say and I am grateful for your mercy' said Tommy. 'But I want to sign it. I know of the extreme consequences that are involved but I don't care as I am totally addicted to you and your sister’s beauty and I can’t live without the both of you. I crave to be your abject slave even though it could lead to my own destruction. It is a gamble that I must undertake, please take away my liberty and allow me to risk leading a life where my very existence is threatened by your sadistic whims and merciless cruelty'.

The two scheming ladies then looked at each other and smiled. They had no intention in giving him his freedom, but were testing him of his submission to them. They have achieved their aims as, such is their conditioning and his addiction to their alluring beauty, he wanted desperately to be enslaved to them and the thought of escaping them distressed him greatly.

'What do you think?' asked Rani to her sister

'I don't think he means it' said her sexy younger sister. 'Let him beg for the privilege to sign it.'

The two cruel ladies faced their young victim once more. 'Well, you heard my sister' said Rani. 'Now grovel!'

Once again Tommy knelt before the sadistic but beautiful ladies, who are enjoying their manipulation of him. They wanted and planned to enslave and fleece him of his wealth all along, and took pleasure in the fact that he is pleading for the privilege.

Even at this stage Tommy knew that this is just a game to amuse his persecutors. He knew that the groveling that he had been made to do is pointless as they had already planned the fates he is being made to plead for. Still if the divine ladies he revered and worshiped are enjoying the humiliation of his suffering and degradation then he was more than willing to satisfy their sadistic lust.

He again groveled before them as their statuesque forms loomed over him. He again began his now customary but unnecessary pleading - an act that serves no other purpose other than to entertain his tormenters.

'Oh Rani, my sexy but cruel stepmother who I am totally devoted to and Geetha my evil aunty whose cold beauty I am totally addicted to. I am now pleading to you both to allow me to make my ultimate sacrifice. That is to sign this document and submit myself wholly to both of you. I know you both had offered to allow me to escape your control and I know it is a mercy that you both cruelly had no intention of giving to me as you both already know that I unwilling to escape as I am totally addicted to your alluring beauties and aroused by your sexy bodies.

'I know also that you both constantly, flash your shapely long legs, swing your wide hips and wiggle your large and shapely buttocks in a suggestive manner in order to excite me and to cause my penis to salute your beauty as a sign of my submission to you.

'I know you both are aware that I am totally obsessed with your large breasts and you both deliberately and constantly expose your cleavages to arouse me and enhance your hold over me.

'I know you enjoy seeing me pleading with you to sign this document even though you expect me to sign it. But I am pleading with you nevertheless to let me sign it. I crave for a life of servitude to you. I crave for you to humiliate me and degrade me.

'I crave for you to finally rid me of this name of Thomas Richard Robinson, so I can adopt the appropriate name of Slave 9, a term that acknowledges my enslavement. I crave to refer you both by your proper terms of Goddess Rani and Goddess Geetha, as the terms stepmother and aunty is very blasphemous as they imply that a lowly being such as myself is related to heavenly beings such as yourselves. I crave to worship you both as my goddesses.

'I know I place myself in mortal danger if I sign this document but I do not care as I crave to be abused both physically and mentally by both of you and I crave to suffer for both of you for your amusement and pleasure as I understand the price of my health and well being and even my life is a small one to pay for the life of total submission to my sexy and wicked stepmother Rani and my cruel but beautiful Aunty Geetha who I both want to worship as my queens and my goddesses. I am begging you both to give meaning to my pitiful existence by allowing me to sign my life away in complete submission to you both'

Once again the cruel Indian ladies seemed unimpressed. They both looked at each other and nodded in disappointment.

'Well you can't ask for more, from this meaningless bastard' said Geetha.

Rani then looked at Tommy. 'You don't deserve this, but you are permitted to sign the document and sacrifice your liberty and become our slave'

'Oh thank you Rani, my dear stepmother and sweet Aunty Geetha'. He kissed their sandals in thanks and then delivered the final signature. Even though he had now submitted himself to a life of danger, he felt relieved as if a heavy burden has been lifted from his shoulders.

Chapter Fifteen: The destruction of Tommy's soul

Once he signed the document he was ordered to present himself to his new owners.

Goddess Rani then grabbed his cock and begun to stroke it and Tommy begun to go weak as the Goddess Geetha's trademark trigger begun to activate. Goddess Geetha then took a large glass jar and placed it just underneath his penis. Geetha had on her right hand a small sheet of paper of which she had written a statement. She began to read it out loud. She sounded like a judge passing sentence on a doomed convict:

'Thomas Richard Robinson you have just renounced your freedom and agreed to submit yourself to bondage to your former stepmother Ms. Rani Padma, whom you will hence now refer to as Goddess Rani and to myself Ms. Geetha Padma, your former step aunty of whom you will now refer to as Goddess Geetha. You have also renounced your former identity of Thomas Richard Robinson and hence are now known as Slave 9. Do you understand and accept this slave?' said Goddess Geetha.

'Yes Goddess Geetha' droned Slave 9.

Goddess Geetha continued her statement: 'you have agreed to become our slave and have willingly surrendered your body and mind to our control and you are now our property to do as we please and you will daily pay homage to our beauty. You will devote the rest of your natural life to our servitude and will not question our judgments or our instructions. Do you understand and accept this slave?'

'Yes Goddess Geetha' said Slave 9 in monotone.

'As your goddesses we have the right to treat you in any manner we deem fit. This include the right to humiliate and degrade you. We also hold your fate in our hands and have the right to inflict any form of extreme punishment on you. This includes, if deemed necessary, the right to impose the death penalty on you and the right to carry out your execution using hypnosis and lethal trance inducing methods that will result in the termination of your life. Do you understand and accept this slave?' said Goddess Geetha as Goddess Rani's stroking begun to pick up pace, as she knew this is the most important aspect of the terms of enslavement that he must embrace and accept.

'Yes Goddess Geetha' squeaked Slave 9.

'Do you also understand and accept that the condition that you now find yourself is completely irreversible?' said Goddess Geetha.

'Yes Goddess Geetha' said Slave 9 weakly.

'But first we must eradicate every living memory of Tommy Robison' said Goddess Rani. 'This will complete your transformation'

Goddess Geetha then threw away the paper that contained the statement that she had just read to her slave and her left hand then begun to unwrap the top of her sari, her sister did likewise. Both the goddesses then unclasped the hooks on the front of their amply filled blouses. Both blouses opened up from the front and two pairs of titanic black wonderbra encased breasts then spilled out. Slave 9's cock was as stiff as it could be as excitement begun to grip him.

'Concentrate and focus on our breasts' said Goddess Geetha as her sexy sister continued to masturbate their young prey.

Slave 9's eyeballs begun to suck up the two heavenly pairs of boobs as the goddesses brought their chests forward so he can have a better look at their bosoms. The breasts were heavily perfumed for the occasion.

'Innnhalleee' said Goddess Rani throatily.

Slave 9's head went into a spin as he descended into a deeper trance.

'In order to erase every living memory of Tommy Robinson, you must let every memory of him escape from your body' said Geetha breathlessly.

'And the only way his memory can leave your body is through your cock' said Rani as she wanked him furiously.

'Just channel your memories of him from your brain and let them sink down below your body and into your balls' said Goddess Geetha as her long black painted fingernails of her left hand begun to fondle and play with his sore testicles. Her right hand is still gripped to the long glass jar that is under Slave 9's cock.

'Just let all his memories into your balls and when you cum, they will all be flushed out of your body along with all your sperm' said Rani her wanking now out of control.

'Focus' said Geetha

Slave 9 stared at the heaving bosoms of his goddesses.

'Inhale' said Rani breathlessly.

Slave 9 obeyed and the potent scent made him drowsy again as his head dropped.

'Focus' said Goddess Geetha.

But Slave 9, already weak from the powerful scent of the perfume and from Goddess Rani's stroking was too weak to lift his head.

'Focus!' shouted Goddess Geetha as her left hand gripped his hair and lifted his head so that his drowsy eyeballs could face their breasts.

Slave 9 weak mind summoned up one last measure of strength to register the impressive cleavages of his goddesses.

Goddess Rani's next command was short and breathless but to the point: 'Cum'

Finally Slave 9 let out a grunt as he shot his load that was in his balls for such a long time. Jet after jet of sperm begun to shoot from his cock and rapidly fill the glass jar that Goddess Geetha was holding.

He was relieved. He was already in extreme need as he hadn't cum for five days.

By the time his cock stopped firing, he had filled up half the jar. He began to breathe easily. Goddess Rani has stop masturbating him. She shoved the cream covered hand to Slave 9's lips. Slave 9 then begun to lick her fingers clean.

When he had finished, Goddess Rani whispered in his ear.

'Slave at the moment you are in a deep deep trance' she cooed. 'In fact, you are in a trance within trance. When I click my fingers you will come out of the deeper trance, and you will awake. But you will still remain in your original trance. You will awaken but you will awaken in your nightmare. Do you understand and accept this slave?'

'Yes Goddess Rani' drooled Slave 9.

'And when I click my fingers for the second time, you will come out of original trance and be awoken into reality. Do you understand and accept this slave?'

'Yes Goddess Rani' murmured Slave 9.

Rani clicked her fingers and Slave 9 opened his eyes. His vision is slightly dull and blurry and dreamlike like before. He just about noticed the two goddesses. They both now wrapped the tops of their sarees around their waist, displaying their blouses that were struggling to hold their massive tits. They have clasped up their blouses but only loosely. Their black wonderbras were still showing and their cleavages were more deep and revealing.

He saw that Goddess Geetha was still holding the jar that contains his semen. She presented it to her sister who smiled.

'His final sperm before he submitted his freedom' said Goddess Geetha as she handed Goddess Rani the jar. 'In fact it is all that is left of the memory of Tommy Robinson. One could assume it is his soul'.

Slave 9 looked at the glass jar that was filled with the creamy white substance. A light from a fireplace that was burning in front of them caught the jar and jar begun to shine. He could see reflections on the glass. In the reflections he could see images of his former life as Tommy Robinson being acted out. He smiled slightly as he saw a young man living in a large house in Saudi Arabia engaging in wild parties and traveling to exotic places around the world.

'So this is Tommy Robinson's soul' said Goddess Rani as she received the jar.

'Yes' said Goddess Geetha with a giggle.

'Well as I am his powerful goddess and he is my enemy, I must punish him' she said with a sadistic grin. 'I have decided to give him the ultimate punishment. I will sentence his soul to burn in hell'.

With that she walked upto the fireplace and threw the jar into the fire. Slave 9 starred opened mouth in horror as the heat of the flames begun to boil the sperm in the jar. The sperm begun to bubble and spit. It then begun to crackle as it started to burn and evaporate.

There was a flash in the fire that made Slave 9 fall to his knees, as the glass then shattered. Both goddesses were now looking down on him and laughing at his sad plight. He first looked at the fireplace that was incinerating the remains of the jar that holds the remains of his former life, then he saw the documents that he had signed while his goddesses merciless teased him and then he finally looked up at the faces of the goddesses who were laughing spitefully.

It was just like the nightmares he had been having in his former life. Slave 9 had just had time to hear the clicking of Goddess Rani's fingers. The images of the laughing goddesses begun to spin and swirl into an array of dazzling patterns that danced in front of his eyes. The patterns then blurred and suddenly it became dark.

Chapter Sixteen: The end of the nightmare - back to reality

There was a bright white light as Slave 9's vision begun to return to him.

He blinked twice and found himself back in the living room. He realised he had been dreaming. The place was once more different. It was a lot lighter instead of dreamlike. The documents on the table were now gone and the fire in the fireplace is now out, not that Slave 9 noticed as he had no memory of it. He then saw the two beautiful goddesses.

They were now in the same outfits that he saw them in before he begun his nightmare. Goddess Rani was in her leather bondage gear complete with thigh boots and leather basque while Goddess Geetha still looked sexy in her skin tight blue designer jeans, pink belly top and high heeled silver sandals.

Both walked upto him and stood and towered before his kneeling form with hands on hips and looking down on him disdainfully.

Slave 9 shivered as he looked up and saw their immaculate figures. The goddesses briefly looked at each other before they once again glared down at the pathetic form that was groveling before them.

Goddess Rani finally spoke. 'Who are you?'

'I am Slave 9' he replied

'And who am I?' asked Goddess Geetha haughtily

'My supreme Goddess Geetha' said Slave 9 fearfully

'And me?' asked Goddess Rani as she planted her right leather boot on his shoulders.

'My divine Goddess Rani' said Slave 9 nervously as the weight of Goddess Rani's heavy boot begun to cause him discomfort.

Goddess Rani then lifted her boot from his shoulders and kicked him hard on the face. Slave 9 went flying backwards and landed on the floor in a heap. He was lying on his back in terror.

Goddess Geetha then walked upto Slave 9's shattered form. She then planted her right high heeled sandal on his left breast and pressed down causing her young victim to wince in pain.

She looked down on him with contempt. 'Who is Tommy Robinson?' she asked him venomously.

Slave 9 begun to groan in pain as he tried hard to supply his goddess an answer. 'Who is Tommy Robinson?' he thought to himself.

The lack of an answer begun to frustrate Goddess Geetha as she begun to press down her high heeled sandal further causing her prey to suffer more agony. Slave 9 begun to gurgle as pain begun to wrack his chest.

Goddess Geetha looked over her shoulder at her sister. The cruel ladies exchanged glances. Then Goddess Rani also walked up to Slave 9 and looked down on him haughtily.

Suddenly she stamped her right boot into his right breast, causing him to cough as the wind was knocked out of his lungs.

'Who is Tommy Robinson?!' shouted Goddess Rani in anger.

'I don't know your supremeness' gasped Slave 9 as his breathing became shallow.

Both goddesses begun to relax their footwear on Slave 9's chest though they were still resting their feet on his chest. Slave 9 begun to take short breaths as his lungs begun to fill with air again.

Both goddesses looked at each other and smiled. It was the answer they had been looking for. At last their mission has been completed. Their plan has been a success. Both goddesses took turns to thrust their footwear into Slave 9's mouth, who through tear soaked eyes begun to lick and clean them.


The young man formally known as Tommy Robinson was busy tidying the large bedroom of Goddess Rani. It had been six months since he agreed to relinquish his freedom and his identity as Tommy Robinson and submit himself fully to the servitude of Goddess Rani and Goddess Geetha and to adopt his present identity of Slave 9.

Life has been hard but he was happy and content to be in the position he now find himself - the slave of two merciless but beautiful Indian goddesses. Goddess Geetha has since left home to go on holiday. She had been away for four weeks now, during which time he has been left to the mercy of her cruel and ruthless sexy elder sister. Although Geetha could be cruel in the extreme, Rani who had an intense hatred of him (as she had an intense hatred of all her late husband's relatives) was ten times worse. She took great pleasure in inflicting torture on him. Life for the past month has been one of complete misery - but it is a fate he was more than willing to suffer as he became addicted to the beauty of his goddesses.

Slave 9 heard the clicking of heels. The bedroom door opened and Rani entered. She was wearing a black dress, complete with black stocking and high heels. She walked upto him and stood before him hands on hips with a sadistic grin etched on her face. Slave 9 then knelt down before his goddess and kissed her stilettos as a mark of respect and a sign submission.

'Rise!' said Rani

Slave 9 rose. She turned around and told him to undo the zipper on the back of her dress. Slave 9 complied and she eased the dress off and then threw it onto her bed. Slave 9 then looked at his tall elegant goddess who towered above him. She was wearing a black lacy bra that was struggling to hold her titanic tits in place. Her attire was complete with black stockings and suspenders and a black thong. It was an attire that she has selected for him especially, not for his pleasure - as the pleasure was all hers - but to induce his torment.

She turned around for a few seconds so that she can give him a glimpse of her back. Even that was impressive. Her large shapely bum hung like two peaches separated by her thong. She turned round again and was pleased to see that Slave 9's cock was rock hard and standing to attention, just as she expected.

'You like?' she asked

'Yes goddess' he said in awe. 'very much'.

It was her usual torture method, one that she enjoyed very much. Her current outfit is just the latest in a long line of sexy garments that were designed to tease him into submission and arousal, an arousal she wanted to heighten in him without giving him release and thus causing him great mental anguish.

'Concentrate and focus on my breasts' she said seductively.

Slave 9 obeyed. He was already starring at her huge tits anyway as they were his favourite part of her anatomy, but this time he was concentrating on them. He focused on the thin fabric of her bra as he could see her hard nipples jutting through them. He could also see the deep valley of her impressive cleavage. She begun to run her long fingernails across her boobs.

'I know you are obsessed by them' she cooed. 'I bet you want to touch and caress them and suck on them'.

Slave 9 was slightly ashamed. 'All men would' he replied in dismay. 'But please, a lowly patheic creature like myself is unworthy to do so and is not even premitted to think about it as it is blasphemeous for one so low in status to have lustful thoughts of one so supreme and divine'

Rani let out a giggle.

'But did you know that as a powerful goddess I visited the earth in many incarnations?' she asked him.

Slave 9 didn't answer as he was concentrating hard on her breasts, his swollen stiff cock, which hasn't ejaculate in a long while was now leaking precum.

'In fact in my previous incarnation, I was the wife of a tycoon who once owned this very house' she said. 'The funny thing is in your previous life you were this very man's son from a previous relationship. You were my stepson in that life'.

Slave 9 was now confused.

'You were especially born into that life just to serve me in that incarnation' she said in a tone that has a hint of resentment. 'but you neglected your duties and deserted me'.

A tear rolled of Slave 9's eyes as he became ashamed once more. He was now hoping that, in his present incarnation, he was atoning and making up for the sins he had committed in his previous life.

'It doesn't matter now, as you are now being made to pay for your sins committed in that life' she said as her evil wide grin begun to returned to her. 'A dreadful man was my husband in my previous incarnation. He was supposed to be the guardian of my wealth in that life but decided to keep it for himself. I had to destroy him to possess it'.

Slave 9 was even more bewildered though his eyeballs was still soaking up The tall and sexy Indian lady's cleavage.

'His nephew, your cousin in your previous life, was no better as he too wanted to steal my wealth' she said breathlessly, 'but your Goddess Geetha and I enslaved and destroyed him as well. What do you think of that?'

'They have both have engaged in sacrilegious practices, to two beautiful and sacred goddesses' he droned as his head begun to slightly spin as he concentrated on the deep valley of his goddess's cleavage. 'And the only punishment for such heresy is death and then damnation'.

Rani giggled even more.

'A dreadful man though your father in your previous life was, he did enjoy the pleasures of my body' said Rani as she begun to squeeze her bra encased breasts in both hands. The breasts seemed to expand in the confinement of her tight bra, sending Slave 9’s mind into a spin and driving his cock wild as it twitched with excitement.

'But imagine it now, in this world' she said as she gripped her breasts tightly 'Even though the father has enjoyed my body the son will never have that pleasure. Do you want to have sex with me?'

'Please goddess, it is sacrilegious for me to even think that' he said as his cock begun to go soft as shame begun to seep through his body. 'I am the lowest form of life. My status is even less than that of a maggot. You and your sister are the supremest of all goddesses. To even consider the idea of sexual relations between such a lowly slug and such heavenly goddesses is blasphemy'.

'Which is just as well' she said as her elegant right hand took hold of his cock, which begun to once more thicken making him weak as Goddess Geetha's trigger begun to activate. The long sharp red painted fingernails of her left hand still continued to trail across her breasts.

'There is no way you will ever fuck me' she said in disdainful tones as her hand begun to stroke his cock. 'Your penis will always come within reach of my sex, but only to tease and frustrate you. I will never allow you to place that disgusting object between my legs. Do you understand slave?'

'Yes Goddess Rani' he answered.

'Keep focusing on my breasts!' sneered Goddess Rani.

Slave 9 begun to focus on Goddess Rani’s tits once more. Her left hand then left her breasts and gripped the back of his head. She then thrust his head against her breasts. As usual they were soaked in heavy perfume.

'Inhale!' she commanded.

Slave 9 complied and the potent scent made him woozy.

'When was the last time you spunked up?' said Rani as the smile returned to her.

'Four weeks ago' said Slave 9 in frustration. He knew she knew this. It was a routine she always did. Tease him in various sexy attire, be it revealing dresses, sexy lingerie, very tight salwar kameez, designer sari's with thin see through fabric or leather bondage gear and then deny him release.

'Would you like to cum? she asked breathlessly as her stroking picked up pace.

'Oh yes my goddess' said Slave 9 in desperation. He had been there many times before. He knew it was unlikely if not impossible for his goddess to grant him release. However because of his desperation he still lived in hope.

'Then concentrate on my body' said Goddess Rani sexily as she increased her stroking by another notch. 'My high heels ...

.... my long legs

... my wide hips

... my navel

... and my breasts

... my breasts ... MY BREASTS!.'

Goddess Rani left hand then reached behind her back and unclasped her bra as her hypnotic words begun to echo in Slave 9's brain. The bra fell to the floor and her large breasts then danced in front of him as she gave a wiggle sending his confused mind into a spin. He could just make out the hard pointed nipples and the dark areolas. Her stroking was now out of control. The words, 'breasts' were being punctuated in his brain like machine gun fire.

'Well slave?' she said with a sinister grin. 'Aren't you going to shoot your sperm?'

'I can't' squeaked Slave 9 weakly. 'I can't cum unless you command it'

'You absolutely right' giggled Rani as she abruptly let go of his penis. 'Which for you is too bad!'

She begun to laugh as she saw Slave 9's red and sore penis twitch up and down and sideways like an alarmed snake. Pain began to wrack Slave 9's body as he let out a groan of frustration. It was Goddess Rani's favourite torture and the worst torture she can inflict on him. Teasel and denial. She enjoyed this part of his suffering the most as she knew it was the ultimate method in her sadistic desire to hurt him.

'You see slave' she said as she flicked his sore penis with her hard fingernails, causing him to wince with pain. 'I want you to remain hard for the rest of your days. It is your cock's duty to salute my beauty at all times. If you were to cum it will go soft for a while and I don't like that. It is a sentry guarding and saluting my beauty. And it must not stray from its duty. It must stand to attention at all times. My sister may let you ejaculate under her supervision from time to time, but when you are in my presence you will never ever experience or enjoy that pleasure. Your are permitted to sense arousal but to experience orgasm is strictly prohibited. Do you understand slave?!'

'Yes' said Slave 9 tearfully, as he learned that his latest hope for peace of mind had all been in vain.

The cruel goddess then let out a giggle as she gave his sore balls a squeeze. Slave 9 groaned in pain.

'Hmm. They are so nice and big' said Rani with a chuckle. 'And to think there is four weeks worth of yolk in these little eggs'.

She let out a wicked laugh as Slave 9's eyes begun to water.

Then suddenly she stopped laughing. She then looked at Slave 9's face with disdain.

'Kneel and lick my shoes!' she barked.

Slave 9 dropped to his knees and did as he was commanded.

The cruel snakelike smile then returned to Goddess Rani. She herself was aroused by her slave's torment as she watched him lick her shoes.

Slave 9 was in pain. This latest setback is a huge blow to him. He doesn't know if he can go on, but knows he must. Already her favourite game is affecting his health. He is becoming weak and ill. His stomach is in constant pain and lately he found himself vomiting in the toilet basin. And even if he had been able to masturbate himself he knows he couldn't cum unless either Goddess Geetha or Goddess Rani commanded it.

This cruel torture is something that Goddess Rani does on a regular basis. Despite the pain and extreme mental anguish it is causing him, he was actually pleased to being doing this as Goddess Rani took pleasure in his suffering - and he will do anything to please her. He didn't know if he was going to last another day. His only hope now was for Goddess Geetha to return from her holidays. Maybe she will be much more merciful and allow him to cum. It was a forlorn belief, but he must remain hopeful.

Slave 9 continued to lick his goddess's stilettos as her laughter begun to echo around the house.

The End.

To be continued...
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