The original Aunt Rani story had been rewritten a few times before it eventually evolved into the story that was first posted on the site.

It traces its origins to an earlier short story called ‘Aunt Mabel’ which was written when I was about fourteen. Some ten years later this story was rewritten in a more expanded form with the race of the lead character of the dominant lady switched from a white blonde female to an Indian female. This became the first draft of the original Aunt Rani story. It differs from the Aunt Mabel story in that it features more of a complex plot and a more extreme sexual content with explicit sexual violence. This first draft was actually unfinished and is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors.

This unfinished draft was later used as a template to write very first instalment of the Aunt Rani saga that was first posted in the Both the unfinished first draft and Aunt Mabel is a straight forward fem dom story without any hypnosis.
Over the years I have had many requests from readers to publish these early drafts but I have resist the temptation to do so, reasoning that they should be posted at some point in the future on a very special occasion. Now that the site has been up and running, I believe that time has finally arrived.

To commemorate this long awaited event I have also decided to go back to the unfinished first draft of the original Aunt Rani story and complete it, correcting all the spelling and grammatical errors and finishing off all the missing sections that I have been unable to write at the time. This ‘revised’ version is actually somewhat radically different from original unfinished first draft.

Now for the first time you will be able to read all three stories (the Aunt Mable story, the unfinished first draft of the original Aunt Rani and it subsequent revised version) by clicking on the links below.

You are advised to read the Aunt Mabel story first, then the revised Aunt Rani story and then the unfinished first draft.

Aunt Rani (First Draft)

This is the expanded version of the story above. The above story was just a brief outline. Now it has been extensively written. It is a lot more graphic and a bit violent in certain places. Also the races of the two protagonists have changed from a white male and female to Indian male and female. Like the above story, it is told in the first person, i.e the victim’s point of view. This story is riddle mistakes and grammatical errors and is actually unfinished (although it has a beginning and an end, there are large parts missing from the middle section). Before I had time to finish this story, I decided to write a hypnodomme fantasy and so abandoned this story. I did however use this unfinished draft as a template to my hypnodomme story.


Although this unfinished story is readable, it is nowhere near in a fit enough state to be a posted as a story on a website. Since this is the story that eventually became the first part of Aunt Rani’s World Part One story, it is presented here for your reference. Readers who want a more readable version of this story are advised to read the story below.

Aunt Rani (Revised Story)

This is the revised version of the story above and represent what it would have looked like if I had the time to finish it. As you can see from the text, all the spelling and grammatical errors had been rectified and all the missing sections have been filled in. You may also noticed that this version differs slightly from the unfinished version above. This is because I have decided to change certain elements of it. You may want to read this story first and then compare it with the unfinished version above.

This is how it all begun. My first erotic fem dom story. I wrote this (very) short story when I was about fourteen years old. It was just a fantasy that I had in my head. I scribbled it down on a piece of scrap paper. The domme in this story is a white lady who dominates her (presumably) white nephew. More than a decade later the story radically changed…


(Please Note: Since this story is only a paragraphs long, I have included an analysis of the story which examines my early influences and ideas and explains how they shaped my future stories.)

Aunt Mabel

Rani Stories